Random Thoughts: One Year & Still KPop-ing!!!

Birthday Cupcakes

Today is this blog’s first anniversary ever! YEEEEEYYYYY!!! A year ago, I summoned all of my courage to have an OMO (Oh My Opinion) on SNSD’s I Got a Boy. Honestly, I was really scared. I was really, really, REALLY scared that I hit the publish button with eyes closed. I thought of the amount of hate comments that might be thrown to me because (what the hell! that was SNSD I just commented on! C’mon!) we all know how huge of a deal SNSD is. It was not a joke but then people approved of what was written on my very first OMO and here I am OMO-ing my way for an entire year.

At first, I thought no one would like what I am delivering on this blog. I estimated that maybe I would never get a hundred views on this blog ever. Never! There are a lot of better mainstream KPop sites and even YouTube KPop channels out there. I am just this tiny dust compared to them. They can even have the power to extinguish me from the internet forever. I thought that this KPop blog will never last this long.

You know what? What do I know about the world and about the internet? You all came to see what I have to say and what KPop has been doing and here is the blog now and I am still reviewing things KPop and there are still views on the blog and there are still people who wants to see what I have written and our photo edits, memes & gifs still get clicks every day. You are all awesome guys!

I don’t really know if there are people out there who regularly visit the blog and I really do not have an idea if you like what we have written here in the blog, we actually rarely get comments but people are flowing in every day. So yeah. That’s a bit scary but it is awesome! (You can freely comment guys… go ahead, we really want to hear your thoughts, seriously.)

To our readers and viewers, we sincerely thank you for allotting an amount of time to see what we have posted and for dropping by. You are the driving force behind our posts in this blog and without you, we could’ve vanished in a snap. I really wish that I could hug you guys but I hope you won’t mind a virtual hug *look out! hugs flying through your computer/ laptop/ phone screen*. =) It is nice to know that somewhere in different parts of the globe there are people who love KPop the way we do. It gives warmth to know that KPop can somehow unify the world in a certain way. Maybe KPop is some kind of magic.

Again, Thank You Very much for sticking with us and we all look forward to spending more years (maybe a hundered years or so? Hehe!) jamming, banging our heads and listening to KPop with you!


-Try A Little KPop

To our friends who continually pushes us to post more in this blog and who believes in us more than we believe in ourselves (You know who you are! To my ShaWol friend Joanna. To our writer, Janelle. Our honorary advertiser slash strength giver, Aui. To my honorary adviser, She. To my honorary design critic/ adviser/ forever SOne to whom I brainstorm my ideas with, Andrea; Thank You so much! You just don’t know what you all mean to me and to this blog.) -seanne shoewalker


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