OMO: Our Heart Asked Who You? It Went Ringa Linga Then Went Doom Dada- [G-Dragon’s Who You, Taeyang’s Ringa Linga & T.O.P’s Doom Dada MV Reviews] a.k.a THE 3/5s of Big Bang Review

NOTE: This review has long been overdue but like what my friends, my brother & sister tell me whenever I tell them that I will no longer publish a review that I have been doing for quite some time: “WHAT THE! JUST PUBLISH IT!” So here I am publishing it anyway. Yeah, Yeah, I know, I am late again with the reviews but I will not state my excuses ‘cause excuses sucks. So let’s go with the review! Weeee~! (and yeah, this contains gifs…)

Yes, this is like YG episode of some sort because YG just keeps on releasing their MVs simultaneously then I was bombarded by other MVs too and I cannot keep up with it so I’ve decided to just review all the Big Bang MVs at the same time and post them all together.

ThreeFifths Big Bang

First and foremost, I wanted rant about my issue with YG this year. Yes, it is about their press released schedules and not following them. It is called a “schedule” because of something right? If they could fix that, it would be extra great. It is actually better if they would just not release a schedule at all and just automatically release teasers of their artist who would actually going to promote on that month. That would be better.
Now that my rant has been put aside, let’s move on to the first Music Video of the post – G-Dragon’s Who You!

If I can recall it clearly, this is just the second music video which utilized a fan-artist interaction this year but if you think of it this is the first MV this year to have an intentional interactive approach. G-dragon actually announced & invited fans thru his twitter to come and join the shooting for this video. This kind of music video is really rare if you think of it maybe due to the security reasons because, we have to admit, fangirling and fanboying sometimes can get out of control.

This kind of unique concept sends out a an emotional attachment between the artist and the fans that somehow relates the kind of message that, yeah, his fans matter. It adds a cute personal touch to it when G-dragon actually used some of his fans’ footages of the shoot (as said at the beginning of the video). It somehow has a feel that it is “home-made” though it is actually professionally edited, of course. It is a refreshing shift from the hardcore GD title track MVs which is all crazy and sometimes dark. Coup D’état ‘s Who You is actually somehow the equivalent of his Heartbreaker’s Butterfly MV. It shifts from the gothic concept that the album is relaying, giving a refreshing whole new feel to the whole promotion.

To be honest, this is my favorite song out of the whole Coup D’état album though I think it is kind of out of place through the album. It doesn’t fit the theme but it’s a chill song and sometimes it won’t hurt to have a breather song in the album.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me but this has a “Bieber” feel to it (please VIPs, don’t kill me, I beg you.). Maybe the first set of chords reminds me of Baby but, yeah, don’t mind me with these Bieber things. (Gaaahh… I am not even fond of Bieber, gah!)

I liked the whole concept that they have for this music video. It’s new and interactive (I’m sure those VIPs had the time of their lives during the MV filming) and it is a cool way to meet the fans…..It’s also really heartwarming to know that the production included the list of the fans who have attended during the filming and thanked them at the credits of the music video.They’re good people. And yeah, that Lamborghini….


Shortly, like after a day and as YG promised, they released Taeyang’s Ringa Linga MV.

I was so used to Taeyang singing RNB, Ringa Linga sounded foreign to my ears. The song is composed by G-Dragon, by the way (Yes, they are friends for 10 years now. Long time isn’t it? You just have to admire their friendship). Thus, Taayang is venturing in the land of Hip Hop. It’s not that Big Bang is not into Hip Hop but Taeyang for the past songs that he have released are more or less singing RNB most of the time and I like it that way but this song + the MV clicks, so yeah. Let RNB rest for a while.

The “industrial circus” thing at the end of the MV is ill and the whole “industrial rustiness” theme this year, generally, is a thing. At least YG let their pure white room be decorated for now. I haven’t seen that pure white studio for a while. I think that’s good.


Let’s all be honest and admit that Taeyang is really the dancer of Big Bang. It is not at all surprising that he danced really well for this music video. We all heard that the choreographer for this one have worked with A-list singers in the US, thus, Ringa Linga is that dance that makes us all flex our hands and do that circle movements. It is kind of automatic and mandatory to do that dance whenever you hear the chorus, isn’t it? (Yes, Right now, Let’s all do the Ringa Linga Ring Ringa Ling! whoo!)

Now, for the thing that I didn’t quite like with the whole Ringa Linga, I really don’t get that braided piece of thread(?) stitched to Taeyang’s cup the whole time. What the hell was that? If they thought it adds to the “coolness” of the whole song, Sorry, no. Just no. I mean, Taeyang as he is, that’s already enough for both the coolness and hotness if that’s what they are adding thing up to.

Who does not miss THE T.O.P?! Like for real, haven’t you missed him?

It has been really a long time since the last time he sang on stage or released a music video. News flash! It has been over a year since you last heard him rap. I believe the last one was the Big Bang album of January last year and people, the year is already ending.

There are two T.O.P solo MVs at the moment and if you haven’t observed it yet, they are both in black and white. YG, because I am a somehow sinister, I would like to know why. (…and YG stans, if ever they have already had explained why, please comment below. I would really appreciate to know. Thanks!)

As we all know, the digital single was released first and, yeah the fangirl that I am, I would say, T.O.P’s voice can absolutely melt anything and whatever got into the whole of Big Bang for concocting words like Ringa Linga or Doom Dada, they sure got us into the groove. Da doom dada divi da, da doon dada divi da, da doom! (yep. you sang that line there, haven’t you! hah!)


The MV does not have anything flashy unlike Turn It Up with those designer things, hot dancers and all (or maybe the monkeys were supposed to be flashy?! Naaahhh…) but if you look closely you will see what he was trying to tell us all in all of T.O.P’s ambiguity and abstract in the lyrics and in the MV. I have to say that the giant baby, in a way, is fairly creepy but so as the monkeys. In a scene he was somewhat leading the monkeys with chains on their feet and in a scene he was dragging the creepy baby with a giant mic on his bike (he was a “mic crusader”). You know what? I think you already get what he wants us to know. The MV was rather simple and I hope the message got to where it should supposed to go.

Here’s a thought, Maybe YG’s schedule is not my most favorite thing in the world but when it comes to quality music.

credits: Big Bang’s official YouTube channel


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