OMO: They Started Missing (Someone) You – [2NE1’s Missing You MV Review]

I fought with my urge to sleep the night YG released 2NE1’s latest music video – Missing You. Was it worth it? Did I get what I wanted to get from it?


It is indeed a sad song just like their past albums, right? They have to promote at least one sad song just like Lonely & It Hurts. Now, I also understand what they meant when they said that this song is suitable to be released late at night. It gives that serene, cold and alone atmosphere that you could feel when you suddenly woke up late at night and can’t go back to sleep and you are living on your own. The weather is much colder now too and maybe that’s a plus factor why Missing You is greatly received by the audience.

The music video blends in with the overall appeal of the song. I like that this is not completely pale looking (like what they did with Lonely). They brought in sudden splash of colors every now and then on the MV’s set, on the girls’ outfits . It is still interesting that they got all the colors ironed out to make it still look neutral.

Now, for the thing that made headlines two weeks ago; CL’s “nude scene” . Yes, she isn’t wearing anything and yes again, she was in a hot tub but it does not have that raunchiness that everybody is diving conclusions to. If you are rooting for a “Wrecking Ball” thing here, no dude, you will not see it here. In fact, this is the total opposite of wrecking ball. This is the most artistic nude scene I have ever scene by far in a music video. The vibe that it is giving away is total loneliness and the atmosphere of being abandoned, nothing more and nothing less. I also like the quote at the back of that scene. It adds element to the loneliness that the scene was conveying.


I have issues with the song though. Having disjointed song is a thing this year in KPop and I was least expecting 2NE1 to have one but here it is. I don’t know about you but there are some points where the song turns out to be disjointed. I think it is not intended but the transition is not that flawless to a point that it looks like they (or Teddy) mashed up two songs. I can understand the continuation of the song from 1:02 to 1:03 but the transitions between 1:31 up to 1:33 and when the piano starts playing back at 2:48 are the points where you have to question “is this a single song?”. I have to be honest that on my first play of the song, I thought it was a medley because of the said transitions. The cohesiveness is somewhat questionable, especially if you don’t do the listening very intently. So I did took my listening skills to the next level & researched for the translation. Now, it somehow made sense and my only problem in the transition on 1:31 to 1:33 when the song (or Teddy) decided that the song should have a “somehow electric” feel to it.


To make it more concise: If you’re going to make me pick between this and Lonely for the song quality, I would probably pick Lonely but if you’re going to make me pick between Missing You & Lonely for the Music Video, I would pick Missing You. Other than my opinion on song disjointment, the song is good and the music video is great!


I don’t have a clue if this is 2NE1’s last song for the year (yes people, the year is ending in a month) but this year looks like that it isn’t 2NE1’s year. Their comeback for Falling In Love is good but I was expecting more from them and their Do You Love Me is just alright. From the looks of it , the reception for this song is great and they did redeem themselves with this one. I just hope that they will come back next year with much more bang.


I just really wish that YG will have a more concise and more effective schedule next year. It would benefit all of us if they will do.

credits: 2NE1’s YouTube channel


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