NEWS: SM launches SM Rookies

Today, SM Entertainment via their facebook page SMTown announced the launching of SM Rookies. According to SM Rookies facebook page: SMTown launced SM Rookies so that you can meet SM Ent.’s upcoming star’s and pre-debut artists beforehand.


First off the list is Seul Gi (Yes, the one Kyuhyun, Crystal & Sulli mentioned in a show), followed by Jeno (who really looks like SuJu’s Donghae) & Taeyong (who kind of looks like Jaejong) whose pictures were uploaded via SMTown’s facebook page, please check out his photo below!



Tae Yong

Tae Yong

And they are uploading more pictures by the minute, so please tune in in this article for more updates!

UPDATE Number 1!

Here is a snippet of Seul Gi singing Christmas Carol and Sweet Cake, a song composed by SuJu’s Donghae

credits: SMTown facebook page, SMRookies facebook page


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