OMO: (There are other numbers but they did choose) Number 9 – [T-ara’s Number 9 MV Review]

After making us dance disco for their previous comebacks (as a group and as a sub-unit), the gorgeous ladies of T-ara are back with a much more sexy concept this time around.


The MV starts with Eunjung’s part with the spot light transitions over T-ara’s group members then comes the part where it all sound so familiar I cannot mistake it for anything else. You know how Psy recycled the hip sway dance of Brown Eyed Girls’ Abracadabra right? Now tell me that I am not the only one who thought that the dance part at the beginning sounds like Abracadabra in all the ways you can think of (then the Kill Bill dance step which seems to be more of coincidental but we’ll never know). I am not saying that they are plagiarizing BEG or anything like that, I am just pointing out things.

Now you will go asking why this song is called Number 9. I don’t have any idea on that. Maybe the man who had hurt her is her 9th boyfriend or this is her 9th serious relationship or they started dating on the 9th day of whichever month or they broke up on their 9th anniversary, whatever it is, I think they are just catching our attention with the impact that the title of this track has. No one did that before right? (Unless, you’re Beyonce who have named one of her albums “4”).


This song has that I-am-wounded-but-I-am-longing sense to it and they took advantage of that to make the whole thing sexy and edgy at the same time. It looks edgy and sexy but I am not feeling the intensity that they angry and hurt or that they are longing for the guy. You can’t see that on their faces while they are staring on the camera, they are just constantly giving you the “I am sexy” look and there were scenes where some of them look blank with an exemption of Eunjung and Jiyeon because at some point they do look lost and longing for revenge, respectively.

Have you tried listening to it without watching the MV? No? So have you heard the actual breathing sounds that this track possesses? Yes, it does. Now go, try listening to it without the video on the part where they repeat “I’m addict”. The song makes a good club song and I am sure that the actual Arabic number nine now will never be the same (you know KPop songs, they have that effect. Whenever I read or hear the word “Symptoms” now, my head will immediately play Jong Hyun’s high note. It’s not funny though, I am somehow on a medical profession).


My main concern for this whole thing is the stiffness of their dance. I think they should be more soft in their movements for it to look more sexy because that is what they are trying to portray in the first place. Jiyeon on her solo dance should be more fluid and her turn should be lighter because it looks more abrupt and it makes it look like she’s having a hard time with her heels.

Then there are these “versions” of the music video which, although I am always curious how the drama version’s story-line would be, it is a bit becoming annoying because most of the versions that this song is coming out with are just having the girls posing and that’s it.


Honestly, this is not T-ara’s best song and it turns out to be a so-so for me. It is not that striking. Considering that they are coming back together with a lot of artists, I am not sure if this comeback will standout but do not underestimate the power of T-ara’s Queen’s right?

T-ara Jeep

And yeah, they are going to comeback with another round of disco concept next month!

credits: Core Contents’ YouTube Channel


One comment

  1. Clara Alice

    I’m also curious why it’s called as Number 9? somewhat green minded like 69? LOL but I think it wasn’t anyway, I love the cinematography but yeah you’re right that it’s not their best song !~

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