OMO: It’s (Her) Me – [Kahi’s It’s Me MV Review]

I have a feeling that this song will hardly get noticed this comeback season and I think I should be dragging you to listen to the song. Yeah, yeah, It is not your typical KPop. So what? I still think it is catchy and it is a good song.


The song is composed by Alice Sky (if you know that news about her two weeks ago, yes, we’ve lost a great composer) and it is a fusion of ambient, jazz and even electric. The rap part is provided by none-less-than Dumbfounded and the lyrics are about a girl who has been overlooked by her lover. Yes, the kind where you are being seen less than your true worth thing. It’s an easy to hum along BUT (I know you know what I am talking about) we have some grammatical problems with the chorus part: “I’m so bad girl, I’m so cool girl, I’m so sexy sexy sexy girl”. If we could just drop “so” and replace it with “a” it will be flawless. I am not saying that I am good with grammar and such, actually, I like the lyrics the way it is. A slight flaw will make you sometimes standout and for this one, it did.

Dance and Kahi are synonymous. For those who do not know, she has been a dancer for a couple of years before becoming an idol so there’s no doubt that she nailed it again for this one. The dance is not that complicated but it is sexy and it takes a lot of confidence to make it look fierce and the dancer that she is proved that yes, Kahi is one of the great dancers out there in KPop.


The music video was apparently shot in Barcelona, according to one of the press releases, and that is one of the cons of this one. I mean, yes, Europe is a whole new place and a beautiful one for that matter but is it worth it? If the ambiance and the feel of the place were what they aiming for, they could have just got the same vibe if the video was shot in Korea. Don’t get me wrong, I like the whole MV and the streets of Barcelona but it was not that highlighted much in the music video and the song apparently did not necessarily need it to be shot in another place for that matter.

As a whole, the MV is very different from the rest of the MVs that has been released this month. It has almost the same vibe as Seo In Young’s Love Me but this one is fiercer and a lot sexier and this is sleek. You can play the song anytime and it’ll suit any mood.



credits: Pledis Entertainment’s YouTube Channel


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