KPop Releases: Topp Dogg, Urban Zakapa, JYJ’s JaeJoong & U-Kiss MVs

If you have no time to update yourself with what’s new this past week, well, we’re here to serve that just for you. Here are some of the hot releases this week!


They have dubbed themselves as “The Hip Hop Super Junior” and here is Topp Dog with their debut MV “Say It”.

To dive away from all the KPop that we are used to here is a mellow track from Urban Zakapa entitled “Walk Backwards”.

Pre-releases! Yep. They are a trend these days haven’t you noticed?

Before JYJ’s JaeJoong releases his MV for his titlte track “Just Another Girl” from WWW (Who, When, Why) here he is with one his new album’s  track “Butterfly”.

If you are a Kiss Me and you haven’t received the notice, well, U-Kiss is coming back on the 31st with their mini-album Moments but before that, here they are with “Mysterious Lady”

credits: Fluxus Music’s YouTube channel, Bubble Feet Music (Panda) (Cream Channel-A), Stardom Entertainment’s YouTube channel


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