ToBeRS: Meet the rest of Topp Dogg + Say It MV Teaser

They have been releasing their teaser images for the past week (and our posts have gone missing for a week, explanation at the bottom of this post) and it looks like there’s only one member left to reveal.

So, before we meet their 13th member, here are the teaser photos for the 5th to the 12th member (Nakta, Xero, A-tom, Jenissi, Seo Goong, Sangdo, Hansol, Kidoh) of the upcoming Hip Hop boy group Topp Dogg which is set to debut on the 24th under Stardom Entertainment:

Topp Dogg 5th to 12th member

2 days ago, they have also released their teaser MV for “Say It” and you can check that out below!


credits: Topp Dogg’s official twitter – @ToppDoggHouse

Writer’s Note: (If you are all wondering what happened to us these past week because it looks like we have been poofed away by a magical creature or something…) We’ve been hit by a typhoon last weekend which possessed winds up to 185kph and (at least in my case) 5 parts of our house’s roof had been blown away, one of the trees on our yard tumbled. Our neighbor’s humongous old tree had been uprooted and electric posts and phone lines all broke down. So yeah, you can imagine the picture right? No electricity + No telephone lines = No means to update anything and I hope you all understand. We’ll work hard to make it up to you. Sorry.


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