KPop Releases: AOA, T-ara, Kahi, Jung Joon Young & SHINee MVs

I’ve been thinking all day how to cope up with this number of MV releases and I’ve just decided to just let them be in one post. So, this is actually arranged by the time they are released today. So let’s go!


First off, AOA unleashed their sexy side for their MV “Confused” (Korean Title direct translation: Shaking)

This music video of AOA actually came out at the same time with…

T-ara’s “Number 9”!

And when you thought that T-ara has only one comeback MV, well, you’re wrong! A few hours after releasing Number 9 they came out with a much subtle MV “Because I Know”

After waiting for her to comeback for quite a while, After School’s former leader, Kahi came back with “It’s Me”.

I know that you have been watching them in WGM but first let’s take a look at Jung Joon Young’s “The Sense of An Ending” Debut MV

Yes, you know it! The last one to release their comeback MV today is…. SHINee with their much anticipated MV, “Everybody”.

They might be the last one but I think the reception is not lacking for them.

I hope that you have enjoyed all the comebacks today. I know I did!

credits: CJENMMUSIC YouTube channel, Core Content’s Media YouTube channel, Pledis Media’s YouTube channel, SMTown’s YouTube channel


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