ToBeRS: Stardom’s Topp Dogg to Debut

Stardom Entertainment released a teaser image today for a member of their 13-member idol Hip Hop group which is set to debut on the 24th.

Topp Dogg

According to Cho PD on an interview last month on tvkorea:  “Top Dog’ represents the key player in a sports game. ” and he clarified that this group will not be like or will take over the image of their former talent Block B (which moved to Seven Seasons after winning a lawsuit with Stardom).  He said that this idol group will be different and the members are all capable because of experiences on different stages. He also added that the age range for this upcoming group will be from 19-23 years old and they have planned for this group for two straight years.

So, let’s all meet their first member – B-joo!

Topp Dogg Bjoo

credits: Topp Dogg’s Facebook account, tvkorea


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