OMO: Love Me, (Love Her), (Love This Song) -[Seo In Young’s Love Me MV SHORT REVIEW]

This is one of the MVs that I just clicked out of nowhere in YouTube while I was looking for Block B’s Very Good MV (review for that MV here:) and I am thankful that I stumbled upon it.

Truthfully, there’s nothing to review with this MV. It is a pretty simple music video. It gives you a vibe of effervescence and being relaxed but if story is what you are looking for, sorry, there’s no story in the music video. It has a photoshoot-like aura and pretty much you will just see Seo In Young in her chic outfits walking on empty sidewalks and empty streets and that’s it.


What will strike you and what I love most in this whole thing is the single itself. The song has an 80’s/90’s vibe to it that you will surely play on a lazy Sundays and it will surely give you a very good mood for the whole day. A weird contrast to the songs meaning though because it talks about begging to be loved again and how empty it feels being out of love. The song has a touch of synth to electric music to it that you can relate to an Ellie Goulding song. You can probably jam with it, dance crazy with it and repeat the chorus line: “Nareul Saranghae jwo…hae jwo…hae jwo… hae jwo” with Seo In Young. (Trust me, that line is pretty addictive once you played the song. There’s no point of stopping!)

I don’t know about your music taste though but I surely like this song a lot and I heard that this song actually beat Busker Busker in two music charts which proves that this song is something.

This song is good, the music video is not bad wither and the rapping of Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko added flavor to the song.


So if you feel like doing nothing today, Go! Click the play button above! (Thank Me later) but You’re Welcome!

credits: CJENMMUSIC YouTube channel


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