NEWS: KARA’s Nicole Leaving + Jiyoung’s Possible Withdrawal

Yes, they have just finished their promotions with “Damaged Lady” and KARA is making a louder stir this time. On a press release today, DSP media announced that Nicole is not renewing her contract with the agency and Jiyoung is on the process of making a decision whether to continue on being a part of the group or she will pursue her studies.


Is stated on their official press release that Nicole’s contract with DSP will officially end on January  while Gyuri, Seunghyeon and Hara had renewed their contracts with the agency for another 2 years. On the other hand, Jiyoung’s contract will end on April and she is in deliberating on her life’s path at the time being.

More over, the company also stated that the label KARA will continue on promoting even if after member (or a couple of members) has decided not to continue on being a part of the group.

credits:  Nate


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