OMO: (Are They Really Very) Very Good? – [Block B’s Very Good MV Review]


Before we start this whole review, I want to say that I hate evil smiling clowns. Yes, just evil smiling clowns. So, yeah, Normal clowns will do.

Now, to the review!

After the law suit, the drama, the wait and being worried if a company would take them in (admit it!). The crazy kids of Block B are back and yep, they’re here to have fun and rob a bank?!


You’ve watched “Be The Light” MV before watching Very Good, right? No? Why? It actually has a teaser for this MV at the end of it. Well, If you haven’t, here’s a link for that: ( and before we continue with the review, if you haven’t watched Very Good MV here it is:

Yes at first I thought that this is a sequel for the first “pre-released” video because of the ending but then again, I guessed that the ending was just probably a teaser. If it is a continuation, it would probably make no sense. Like seriously, why would they beat him up then there’s the girl and all. It does not make any sense.



I was just happy that a company really took them in and they are not probably in good terms with Stardom but that does not even matter anymore, they are alive and here and that is what matters.


I know that not a lot of people like the song and they favor “Be The Light” more. I understand that part. Yes, Be The Light is more soothing and mellow and it is tamer. They deviated away from Hip Hop with that single. They sound better in that single. Okay, okay, “Be The Light” showed us a different side of the crazy boys but at the end of the day, they are Block B and Block B is Hip Hop.

They song is your typical Hip Hop with a sudden outburst of a different beat at the middle where P.O. starts his rapping. Some dislikes that part but I actually enjoy it. You could break loose with it. At that point, I think that’s where the party should start or something. I call that part “the-breaks-loose”, you kind of bang your head against the air at that part. I love that.

block b van of steel

There isn’t much dancing in the video. You could see a bit of their choreography at the start of the video (Yes, the jumping backward ant the salute thing) and from the looks of it, and from what I have seen on the comeback stage, the choreography is pretty easy and it did not require too much effort to put together because they literally broke into a party towards the end of it.

Here comes the video – So, I know that there are a lot of people out there who dislikes clowns because (a) Dang it Horror Movies! (b) Why do clowns have to look like that? (c) Clowns are just freakin’ beyond crazy and annoying? (d) What’s up with that smile clowns?! Break it! Yes, as I have said earlier. I hate that clown part. If they wanted to become bank robbers they could just put something else on their faces and why would robbers wear suits while robbing a bank? Yes, you will argue that they needed the suits to enter the back BUT have you watched the music video? They did not use the main door! They literally break-in to the bank! They broke the walls using their van. (Is that even possible without damaging the car? I don’t know either. I was amazed too.) Maybe, they just wanted to be known as the robbers with Swag and of course, the Police never showed up. (Poor bank…)


This video’s concept deviates a bit with the normal Block B stuff too. We are used to their dark action movie-plotted music videos like Nillili Mambo and I know what you first noticed in this whole thing. It’s Zico’s version of Miley’s hair right? (Please stop denying it! It was obvious). Yes, this video is crazy, a bit random and stuff but that what makes this whole thing fun. A lot of MVs out there are trying really hard just to make you to take them really seriously and GOOD NEWS! This video is not one of them. This video is funny, cool, quirky and chaotic in so many aspects and I mean it in a good way. People might think a lot about this but no, you should not. They just want you to enjoy their company and that’s it.

Okay, here comes the issue that they are doing YG-stuff over this video. Hmmm…. let me think about that…. Maybe they are and maybe they are not. I did recognized YG-like scenes here, especially the throne thing. I think rappers in Korea like to sit on a throne actually. So I don’t know about that and you could always relate black and white gothic themes with YG actually so I really don’t know about that too. I think if they are really mocking YG (specifically Big Bang for that matter) we won’t really know ‘cause you could use any theme for anything right? And it is not like YG is not the only one who has the right to use the “Swag” concept. BUT I did saw that bejeweled mask somewhere and that leashed dog (which is a hilarious scene) somewhere. I also like the dinner platter thing.


I like how carelessly relax this whole thing is. I mean, who would do a music video like that besides them? Would anyone dare? (Well besides Psy. That’s a given) This group doesn’t care if you will bash them or love them. I like that attitude and they always give you what they are; No pretentions, no fake images. They always go with “Hi! This is me. If you are going to deal with me or not it is fine but this is me.”

Yes, they have gone into a negative thing in the past because of that attitude they have but just like every idol is, they too are just like each of us. The only difference is that they are on spotlight while we are not.


Whenever I think this ongoing comeback that Block B is doing, I cannot help but bring up the lawsuit that they went through because whatever it is; You can feel that they are all glad just to be doing the song, the music video and with the comeback stage that they had yesterday they are just happy being on stage and being able to just perform there. They are just a happy bunch of crazy kids doing what they love most and that is awesome. They went through it alive and that’s good to know.

Block B broccoli head dance

Have I listened to the whole mini-album?

  • Yes. Fact: It only has 4 songs and a total of 5 tracks.
  • I don’t necessarily like Be The Light and I think that Be The Light is a bit out of place in the whole album so I think that’s the reason that they pre-released it to make a highlight on it.
  • I love Kyung’s solo (When Where What How) and Nice Day

credits: Seven Season’s YouTube


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