Random Thoughts: KPOP REPUBLIC, A Really GREAT Experience!

Oh… Annyeonghaseyo!!! 🙂 😉 😀

I’m a new admin here- sehoonah. This will be my first ever blog post, so please be good to me. 🙂

I know you guys would think, “why did you even post this?” “Why just now?!” “It’s been weeks already!”
Yeah, yeah, I’m sorry about that.  I know that it’s not in the trending topics anymore, but so what? I really want to post this a little late because I need to get over everything first before writing something about it. I need to keep calm before anything else. Well, It’s better late than never, right? 😀

It’s my very first time attending a K-pop concert in my 5 years of being a K-pop fan, and I can say that it is really worth it!!!!!
So here I am, feeling excited to share all of my experiences in the so-called One Epic K-pop Concert Kpop Republic!

Kpop Republic

The performers for the event were none other than the handsome boys of SHINee, EXO-K & Crispi Crunch (Csp & Cheezy), and the pretty girls of Dal Shabet & April Kiss’ leader, Soomin!

They announced the concert later in August which made all of the K-pop fans in the Philippines a bit disappointed. Why? Because they don’t have enough time to save money, and the tickets were really expensive. Well yes, there are some who can afford to buy 12,000php worth of tickets in a snap of their fingers, but as you can see, most of the fans in the Philippines are still students, and saving money from their allowances aren’t just enough.

I can say that I’m one of them. To be honest, it’s really hard saving money from your allowance, but because two of my favorite K-pop groups are going to attend the concert (SHINee & EXO-K), I didn’t think twice and got motivated to save money. For almost two months, I was able to save enough, so I happily bought a ticket (UB Silver)! It’s too far from the stage, yes, but at least I will be there to watch and cheer for them, that’s all that matters.
So anyways, let’s move on to the day of the big event…

I wasn’t able to sleep well the night before because I’m just too excited. I woke up feeling light-headed and like I was floating in mid-air. Lol. I didn’t care at all, so I just prepared everything I needed, wore the most comfy clothes I have, jumped in the car, and just slept on our way to Cubao area of Quezon City.

I came at the venue at exactly 12 noon. I was with my brother, aunt and uncle. I already saw some fans lining up on the gates, but I don’t want to wait there for hours. It’s too early to line up, so we decided to go around the Gateway Mall and eat lunch. I was left alone at 2 PM and I guess that was the time when the Press Conference was being held somewhere in the Mall, but I wasn’t really interested because I wasn’t given the chance to be there so I decided to just roam around the mall and outside the venue. I found some people giving away banners and selling K-pop merchandises here and there. I also found new friends who entertained and talked to me while I was waiting for my cousin to arrive.
Me, my cousin, together with her friends, entered the gate at 7 PM. There were no long lines anymore, so we were able to find our seats fast. The event wasn’t starting yet but some fans are already screaming with their light sticks on. I really have no idea why, but as soon as I looked at the LED screens, these videos were being played 12, & 3, and I knew the reason why…

The concert started at exactly 7:30 PM. I was really getting impatient, but when I was about to shout something, the lights turned off. Finally! It started and all I heard were the nonstop screams of the fans. The light sticks were glowing and it’s really a nice view to see. It feels like all of us become one that night. 🙂

The hosts for the event came out with loud cheers from the fans, they are our very own, Christian Bautista & Jinri Park.

They started off with a game. There were 6 chosen fans who were asked to dance to Psy’s “Gangnam Style.” I wasn’t really interested on that part so I didn’t know who actually won. I guess the price was a chance to dance with the Kpop idols, but, that didn’t happen so…


So after that quick game, Christian & Jinri already introduced the performers. As soon as they walked out of the stage. The fans, started cheering already. I wasn’t shouting yet, because it’s not yet my favorite groups’ turn. (Sorry for being biased)

Crispi Crunch and Soomin started off with a blast! They sang their hit, “Thumb’s Up!” Followed by another song, “No Cut!” They also sang their own version of “Gangnam Style” which they changed into “Manila Style.” I really liked how they performed which made all of us sing and danced with them. The crowd was getting hyper and hyper from every song. They really had so much fun on stage. The last song (I guess) they performed was a ballad or something, the title is “Way To Go Father.” And Soomin sang her own version of Nina’s “If I Should Love Again.Soomin was really beautiful. She looked so calm while singing. And to be honest, Crispi Crunch are great rappers indeed!

Crispi Crunch & Soomin

Lights went off again. It was already Dal Shabet‘s turn to perform! I am familiar to this girl group, I knew some of their songs but their names, I don’t exactly know who’s who. Well, I like the tall and cute member the most, her name is Ga Eun. The girls were really pretty and indeed sexy! They sang “Have Don’t Have,” “Be Ambitious,” my favorite, “Mr. Bang Bang“, “Bling Bling,” and lastly, “Supa Dupa Diva.”

Dal Shabet

As promised by the organizers of the event, the girls gave away these cute little bunnies to the lucky fans near the stage (SVIP section).


I was really enjoying the show. Getting excited every minute. I was cheering as loud as the others. I am all alone, just like the chingu beside me, so we just had fun and make the most out of that night.

I noticed that the first two groups sang 5 songs each. So I’m expecting EXO-K and SHINee will also perform 5 songs each. Well, at that time, I was really hoping that EXO-K will perform “XOXO” because that’s my favorite song in their repackaged album. I’m dying to hear them sing that song live! Hehehe. I just waited for them to come out after the lights went off because I was pretty sure that they’re next. Dal Shabet came off the stage, and that’s the moment when the crowds’ screams got louder. I can feel the excitement that time and I’m screaming curses here and there because how can I keep calm, it’s EXO-K!

The lights were on again, and oh my gosh! It’s EXO-K!!!!!! ❤ I really can’t explain what I felt that moment, I guess I was just really happy! Because finally, I saw them, Sehun, Chanyeol, BaekhyunKai, D.O and Suho. Just OMG! Mixed emotions, yes. That was the first time ever, okay? So you can’t blame me. :p


The tree of life was so epic! Really! They started with the song “Wolf” and it’s the first time they performed that song as 6. Though it looks incomplete, it was still a great performance! The next song was “History,” it was awesome! And that’s my first ever favorite song of EXO.

After the second song, they introduced theirselves one by one. The cheers were still loud. Haha. We can’t really keep calm. 😀
Sehun is really tall, and indeed drop dead gorgeous. He’s just perfect, okay! My precious baby! (It’s obvious that he’s my bias, right? 🙂 ) Chanyeol with specs is really really handsome! I wanted to cry, he looks so much better in person! Baekhyun is super duper cute and handsome at the same time. I really love his eyes. And, he sang those high notes perfectly! Neck veins were shown, yes. He did well. Kai, oh my gosh, Kai is a sexy beast! A great dancer indeed! While performing, he was so fierce, but when they started talking, he’s being a cutie patootie. Aish. D.O is so squishy! His eyes were really round, so cute, and he looks so happy! He’s too adorable, I just can’t… Then there’s the tiny leader, Suho, who is so flawless! Little Siwon indeed, how can he be so handsome? They were all smiling, laughing, waving to the fans and trying so hard to speak English. Haha. They’re still the kids we all love.

They introduced the next song, and the moment that the music started, I really wanted to cry. When I heard Chanyeol singing “X.O.X.O, X.O.X.O, X.O.X.O, Yeah,” it completely caught me off guard. I was speechless. It was an answered prayer. They’re performing my favorite song! I was singing along, because yeah, I know the lyrics very well, and I was smiling all throughout the song. I was really happy that time. The next song was “3.6.5” and that’s the time they gave away these cute stuffed toys! And that was also the moment Chanyeol proposed to Baekhyun and slipped after. Hahaha!


They talked again and Suho said, “The next song, is last song.” We really didn’t get it at first. I thought they we’re just going to sing the song, “The Last Song,” but it meant that the next song they’re going to perform will be the last song for that night. We were disappointed of course, that’s not really enough. But that’s it, they performed “Growl” for the first time again as 6. They were all sweating a lot, but still, they gave us a great performance. As soon as the song was finished, the lights went off again. Declaring that it was time for the last but definitely not the least, performers, SHINee!

It took minutes before SHINee started performing. They were preparing something on stage, something like a white cloth. They played a short video of SHINee, and after that, the cloth was removed and revealed the members! I was really expecting Minho to be there. They said he just came late, but no, it was just a rumor, he wasn’t present that night! SHINee was incomplete, and my heart felt sad. 😦

They started off with two of my favorite songs, “Dream Girl” and “Lucifer.” As expected, SHINee was great! My precious babies did very well! I am really proud! Hehehe. Taemin is really handsome and looks so manly with his black hair. He’s still my baby! I love him to bits! Key took most of Minho’s parts, and he did well. He’s a stunning diva, and his black hair suits him well! So handsome! Onew was sweating a lot, and yeah, he looks so hot . Hahaha. His voice will forever be perfect. Then there’s Jonghyun, a sexy little man. He looks amazing with his blonde hair.


They introduced themselves one by one, and of course, Key was in charge of doing the talk, because he speaks English better than the other members. He apologized in behalf of Minho, and he promised that they will come back here again as 5. It was really a quick talk before he talked so fast. Haha. The next song was “Stranger,” followed by “Beautiful.” They gave away these cute bears to the lucky fans.bears

The last song was “Why So Serious.” I was singing along again, and jumping. I was really tired and my throat is already dry but I still did scream a lot, just because, it’s SHINee. 🙂

After that, everyone in the crowd were still screaming and cheering. The lights went off again. Well, it was a 2-hour concert and the time was exactly 9:30 PM, meaning it’s done. That was the moment when all of us were shouting “We want more! We want more!” But it didn’t help at all. The concert was finished. So I stayed there for a moment. I was just sitting there, letting everything sink in. But I really felt numb, I don’t know what I was feeling. Everything was priceless. So maybe, it’s just pure HAPPINESS? 🙂


[cr: Kpop Republic; tuazoncjtech; SMTOWN, LOENENT; CJENMMUSIC; HappyFace Entertainment]


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