NEWS: YouTube Launches KPop Channel

Today, YouTube officially launched its  Korean Pop Channel on Open Beta mode. The channel features a weekly Top 20 chart of KPop music videos which is based on view count . It also features a list of KPop Astists’ channels (which is weirdly placed on the About section of the) which is arranged according to their respective subscription counts, a compilation of Newly Released of Music Videos and the week’s stages from M!Countdown, Music Core, Music Bank and Inkigayo.

In line with the launch, YouTube prepared  an  Open Beta Event where you can win Henry’s Trap autograph CD (please check the mechanics on the description box of the video above)

Korean Pop Channel

Together with launch of the KPop channel, YouTube also launched channels for Japanese Pop (JPop) and Chinese Pop (CPop).
Please check out those and the links will be placed on the credits below this post.

At least now, we can monitor counts closely, right?

credits: YouTube’s KPop Channel (, YouTube’s JPop channel (, YouTube’s CPop Channel (


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