UNCATEGORIZED: You Should Listen to MFBTY’s The Cure!

Let’s just all take a break from all of the mainstream KPop for a while  and I swear that this is a great song!

I know that some of you don’t know them but once you stop and take a moment to listen to their tracks I am sure that you will definitely be one of their fans. First off, who is or what is or who are MFBTY?! MFBTY stands for “My Fans Better Than Yours” and it is made up of the Hip Hop golden couple Yoon Mirae-Tiger JK and their third member is Bizzy. They actually moved agencies this year and this is their first song to came out since they switch agencies.


I first encountered these K-Rap legends 7 months ago via their track “Sweet Dream”  because I happen to roam around YouTube in search of things then BAM! MFBTY. With all honesty, that song is a killer and I became a fan then i searched for their past songs then I followed Tiger JK on twitter then…. then… then…

THEN I came across MFBTY’s “The Cure” a day ago and I absolutely love this new song!

They might not be in the level of mainstream that all of the KPop-loving people will easily notice them but I want all of you to know that this is worth while, it is worth watching,  it is worth listening and it is worth your time.

Let’s all be honest, we all have those days when we all feel bad about a music video or we don’t get a particular song, right? Maybe that’s the problem with big entertainment agencies and maybe this music video and track will probably prove the beauty of being not in those agencies.

The song and music video are so well-made that you will question your belief in KPop songs and music videos.  Your bar of standards will definitely rise up, I am not joking. Creativeness and beauty overflows in this video and I believe that the awesomeness of this song and MFBTY is for you to discover soooo…..

So yah, leave me blabbering things here now and play that video above! GO!

credits: Drunken Tiger’s YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/drunkentiger)


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