NEWS: YG Is Debuting A New Boy Band

YG Ent have been talking on debuting both a Girl Group and a Boy Group lately but it looks like that it’s going to debut their Boy Group first AND they are going to do so by using a reality show entitled “WIN: Who’s Next? “. It is a 10-part show which will be aired on  Mnet starting on August 23rd at 10pm then on tvN on the same day at 11:20pm. It is also said that this show will be aired on 18 different countries through different cable channels.

Here’s how it goes: two trainee groups (Team A and Team B) are going to battle it out  and the viewers are going to be the judges by voting for them on polls then then whichever group wins gets to debut as YG’s new boy group with the name “WINNER”.


…and you might notice familiar faces from both teams like Kang Seung Yoon, Lee Seung Hoon (both are in Team A) &  Goo Joon Hwe (Team B) who are all from KPop Star.


credits: Mnet’s YouTube channel ( & YG’s website (


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