KPop Releases: Seungri’s Gotta Talk To You MV

To clear the question that’s in your head right now (because the age restriction thing on the teaser is very hard to just shoo off our minds, thank you); No, this music video has no age restrictions. Enjoy people! Relax and Enjoy!

Yes! It’s Seungri is finally coming back after 2 years and 7 months (it was mentioned in the video’s description box. Yes, I guess they’ve counted?) and he’s back with this SLEEK looking and SLEEK sounding track.
seungri mv scenes

It was also mentioned that he self-wrote, composed and produced this entire 2nd album (again, it was on the video’s description).

So what do you guys think about this comeback track?
We think that the club-sounding music break at the end of the track is really cool.

So yes, Seungri’s album is out now online so check that out.

credits: Big Bang’s official YouTube channel (


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