NEWS: T.O.P is heading to the Philippines SOON!

First, why do I have an earlier version of this post in Tagalog/Filipino/TagLish? That’s because I feel that I have to and maybe I can fangirl more effectively in our language? I just feel like it, actually.

Let’s head to my last post’s English version shall we?

So if you’re from the Philippines, there’s a 100% percent possibility that you have already watched the following commercial but if you haven’t and you are a huge fan of (a)KPop (b)Big Bang (c)T.O.P yes he did said “Hello Sarah?” (d) all the free call/text services of Korea, you are actually missing something big here but don’t worry because I am a bit kind today here it is (…and yes, You’re Welcome! = D ):

And because, yes, they are launching KaKaoTalk here in country and their commercial models are not less than Big Bang: They’ve decided to have a Fan Day with Sarah Geronimo (artist/singer from the Philippines) and Big Bang’s T.O.P (yes, you’ve read that right, the T.O.P!!!)

credits: KaKaoTalk Philippines' twitter account (@KaKaoTalkPH)

credits: KaKaoTalk Philippines’ twitter account (@KaKaoTalkPH)

But the details on where and when are still undisclosed we can’t help but just wait for their further announcement for this Fan Day on KaKaoTalk Philippine’s (yes their twitter name has no ‘s’ in it and I am not spelling my own country’s name wrong neither I am using a wrong possessive form there, it’s just character limit problems on Twitter) twitter account (@KaKaoTalkPH) and on their facebook page.

So yeah…

TOP Keep Calm Poster English

And if you are wondering if this a paid advert or something? No this is not. We are just ecstatic and super happy that T.O.P is coming over here!


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