KPop Releases: List of Announced Comebacks – [MBLAQ, NU’EST, KARA, Seungri, Girls’ Generation & After School]

After making you sing and making your head to stick with “Smokey girl… smokey girl… smokey girl” hundreds of times, they are coming back with a fresh and bright image with the release of their follow-up track and repackaged album: Love Beat. The track is set to be out tonight so check that out.


‘wazzup V.I.P’s?! Seugri is set to release a mini album containing 7 tracks called “Let Talk About Me You Love” (yes, we love those scratch marks so we tried to imitate them… hehehe!). The album is set to be available online on the 19th and you can physically buy the actual physical album on the 22nd. I know… I know… we all miss the whole of Big Bang but let’s just wait. At least we have Sengri this time, right? I’ve just noticed that YG is a bit about the word “Love” this year huh?!


I am still having a hard time typing L.O. Λ. E but hey! I am having and you sure are all will have fun ‘cause the boys are coming back on the 22nd! They’ve released a teaser for their Melon Showcase and they will be coming back with “Sleep Talking” and their agency (Pledis) told that this song will introduce us to a new genre called “mystic fantasy”.

We’ve got a shortage of KARA’s content lately (we have to at least admit this) and yes, don’t make those Japanese releases as an excuse ‘cause we are talking about KPop here but lo-and-behold, they’ve actually released image teasers today! YEY! This time, they’re looking a bit masculine, strong and fierce. Let’s all look forward to this comeback, shall we?


Speaking of Japanese releases…. Sorry SOnes, this is not a Korean Comeback but it is still somehow a Girls’ Generation comeback of some sort and I am sure Japanese SOnes are ecstatic about this. The girls are set to release a Japanese single on September 19 (this is like a month and 6 days away from this day but they’ve announced it already, so yeah… they’re included in this article) and it is called “Galaxy Supernova”. The single will be released along with the Live DVD of Girls’ Generations’ 2nd Japanese tour and it will also contain another track called “Do The Catwalk”.


Another Japanese release; After School is set to have a Japanese comeback on October 2nd (yes this is like 2 months away, but yeah, they’ve announced it) with the single “Heaven” and “Crazy Driver”. It will also include a 36-page photobook! So this is a thing to look forward to.

after school




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