Random Thoughts: Yes People! WOOLLIM Merges with SM Ent.’s SM C&C!

I suggest that you play Before The Dawn by Infinite for this one, it adds effect on the way you’ll perceive the article, hehehe!

If you are still dazed right now, yes, SM C&C and Woollim entertainment just merged making INFINITE, Nell & TASTY be housed under the newly concocted ‘Woollim Label’.

woollim artists

Some mind boggling questions that are somehow hitting your head right now…

  • So does this mean that they are under SM Entertainment?

Somehow, this actually works like the JYP thing where SM has these smaller aggregates but in this case, SM is becomes more of an international distributor for Woollim’s artists.

  • Who benefits from this merger?

I think it’s both. See, Woollim artists gets to be distributed worldwide and SM, whether their main acts release anything or not, (as long as Woollim artists release material… well) SM sales will continue to grow anytime of the year.

  • But asdfghjkllll!!! What about INFINITE oppas?

uh… I also thought about that. It’s an incoherent question on what will happen to Woollim’s biggest artist but it is said that the  managing matter for SM artists and Woollim’s will continue as it was. Yep. They will still have separate management things for that, like, SM artists are still managed under SM and Woollim artists will still be under Woollim & SM’s subsidiary SM C&C. Again, it is just about distribution.

  • What the hell is SM thinking?!

See, we hypothesize, (let’s capitalize on that) HYPOTHESIZE that SM is trying to engulf smaller management agencies to expand its business and to have a tighter grip in the KPop market. Its vision is to “..become Korea’s first global music company as well as  Asia’s biggest music group.” So yeah, this merger explains something about that. (and yes, there are rumors that Warner will be next. Let us reiterate that, RUMOR)

If you are worried how fanswill actually react on this, I guess for that we would just see in a couple days or months.

So yeah, this is like seeing a new dawn for the KPop industry as it unfolds itself. (Yep, Dawn… did you see what I did there? XD )

…and yeah, I don’t know what’s up with the photo below but this started the whole craze this morning and I really don’t know, but this hinted something, right? (Publicity stunt?!)

credits goes to the rightful owner of this photo

credits goes to the rightful owner of this photo


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