KPop Releases: After You’ve Noticed the Wolf, It’ll GROWL – [EXO’s Growl MV]

Admit it, you’ve stayed up all night and/or you’ve dropped everything you should do just to wait and see these MVs because:

  1.  You’ve got very intrigued with the teaser that just popped out of nowhere a week ago
  2.  Kai is hot in that teaser

As you may have known by now (at least if you are a dedicated EXO stan), this video was shot in just one take and as rumors spread out at this moment; it is said that there are more versions to come for the MV of this particular follow-up track from EXO. So, we’ll look forward to that…

…and without further blabbering here are EXO’s follow-up MVs for GROWL (Enjoy!)

exo kor

exo chin

Author’s NOTE: I am taking this time to say sorry if I didn’t review EXO’s Wolf MV ’cause as we have known, we are all waiting for the drama version to come out. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the drama version that we are all expecting. I am so sorry guys…. Mianhe…

credits: SMTown’s official YouTube account (


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