OMO: Falling In Love (with Gold? Cleopatra? Summer? Reggae?) – 2NE1’s Falling in Love MV Review

Are You Ready?! Are You Ready?!

YUP! 2NE1’s BACK! And everything’s GOLD! I mean it!

Have you seen the MV? Nope?! (Why? You were out of the circulation these past few weeks?) Here is the MV!

I am so used to equating cute with pink (and puking rainbows) but would you mind if I say that this song sounds cute?! If they are rebranding “cute” this way then I don’t mind everybody being cute and acting cute or, maybe, this is my kind of cute: Not pushing sweetness to my tooth and girls not acting cute at all. This is effortlessly cute.

Yes, I am also used to 2NE1 (and YG) having tracks with darkness, loneliness and/or bitterness (& pelicans… remember I Love You?!) within the song and the music video and, surprisingly, this one deviates far away from that concept. It feels really refreshing and new that it felt a bit surreal. I double checked if what I am watching was a 2NE1 video too (so weird of me!). Anyways, have I told you that I really love this? Yes? Oh… Well, let me reiterate that; I love this track!!!


The song is officially number one in my Favorite Summer KPop Song List (although summer is long over from where I am from). Yes, this is pop with reggae splashed on it which makes you want to dance with it! (I admit, I did! Happy?) I actually had a firsthand experience on how this song sticks to your mind. I even woke up one morning with this song playing in my brain’s playlist. I opened my eyes and BAM!I keep falling in love, falling in love Neoman bomyeon nae maeumi oh oh oh oh, Falling in love,  falling in love Neol gatgosipeo na eotteokhae boy… Touch me over here, touch me over there, touch, touch, touch eh! eh! I don’t know how YG managed to fit some of 2NE1’s past song titles in the rap part but they did and that iconic “eh, eh” which is 2NE1’s signature (I guess?). I know that move is a bit cheesy for some but I like that. I noticed one thing though; Dara actually has a lot of parts in this song. Well, I don’t know if you have noticed or not but sometimes I feel like she was left out on the singing parts. I mean, she CAN sing and they made her sound reggae-ish for this one. I just wish that YG could give her a chance, I know Bom, Minzy & CL have more powerful voices than her but can we at least give her a decent singing part?! Nonetheless, I love this song! WHOOO!


There’s nothing explosive about the choreography ‘cause, yeah, this is a summer track people! It has the rights to be fun, playful, relaxed and laid back, which it is. It should be that. That ‘feet stomping fist pumping’ dance move though, is that from Beyonce? I know I saw that from somewhere but it adds playfulness to the choreo, so, whatever! Then there’s that turning part with spirit fingers & the ‘touch, touch, touch’ part. Can this be more fun than that? You can practically dance the whole thing without trying too hard.

Well, the set is partly recycled from CL’s last MV (Remember that brown sand and that roof that were patched up to be a wall thing?). I just don’t get the connection between the ‘beach setting’ with the ‘cleopatra trones’. I mean, I get the connection with ‘boys in the basketball court’ set and the beach but what’s with Egyptian and Summer? I think that part is contributing to the glamour part of the MV. It works, so I’ll let it pass.


I think the whole concept works for 2NE1. It broadens their image. Proving that they can somehow do cute rather than doing the ‘tough chick’ concept all the time. It adds flavor to the whole group and that’s healthy for their career, I guess. I just wish that they will promote to a wider scale than just music shows. They have witty and opinionated members from what I see from their interviews.

I am also amaze on CL’s rap part where she mentioned the titles of their previous songs. It was amazing that it makes sense when you put the titles together. I was a bit mind blown for a moment. (haha!)

You just don’t have any idea how great this song is and it’ll affect you for more than a week.

This is a nice and fun comeback from 2NE1.


Note: I know, I also noticed the boys from this MV, so yeah, MONATGE!!!


Another note: I know I am very late for this review. I am sorry. The things that I have to do for this blog is piling up so please understand. Thank You! =)


credits: 2NE1’s officail YouTube channel (


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