OMO: No More Dream(ing, I guess?!) – Bangtan Boys/BTS No More Dream MV Review and TIDBITS about the Group


I have an issue here, first what’s with “No More Dream”? Do they mean No More Dreams or No More Dreaming? I guess they are aiming for the first one.

So, who are the Bullet Proof Boy Scouts/Bangtan Boys/BTS? (Please don’t ask me why Boy Scouts need to be Bulletproof and Girl Scouts need to sell boxes of cookies). Refer to the montage below.


In case you are scratching your head, Yes. They are a rookie group. Make that, a rookie group that’s making an explosive presence. They’ve attracted some of attention lately as I have observed.

Concept, concept, concept – In one interview, they said that they’re here to offer an “AUTHENTIC” Hip Hop to the industry. They have a point there actually. There are a lot of groups out there who are having their take on Hip Hop who constantly fall short. If you pitch me Hip Hop on the Kpop scene I would just name you the whole of YG, MFBTY and (in the midst of their lawsuit) Block B. That’s it, the rest are just trying too hard. So, did this group made it to my Hip Hop list?


Let’s see.

This group is a bit of a deviation from what I am used to with Big Hit Entertainment. Apparently, I always think of 2AM whenever I hear the Big Hit and based on their tag line: Music and Artist for Healing. There’s nothing healing about this (or maybe, they are healing Korean Hip Hop? I am not sure though).

If you name your leader as Rap Monster, I am pretty sure that he should at least rap a lot which he did and from my observation, they only have two people for vocals which I think is pretty cool. I think one letter screen naming is a trend in Kpop these days too. If Infinite has L, well, they have V (at least there are only 24 letters left in the alphabet to name other artists, YEAH. NO PUN INTENDED. hehehe!). Honestly, what’s with ABCDEFGHIJKMNOPQRSTUWXYZ that is not as cool as L & V?! They only have one member with a pretty normal name, Jung Kook. The rest are Jin, Jimin (the one flashing his abs), J-Hope and Suga (dropping the r made Sugar sound less sweet & more cool, isn’t it?).


Their sound is pretty amazing, actually they sound Block B-ish that crashed into something a bit tamer and I mean that in a very good way. The first time I hear the song I was like “oohhhh… they are honestly rapping! That’s new!” Because like what I’ve said earlier, a lot have tried this Hip hop concept and just ended up singing a pop song with some rap lines just awkwardly and strangely placed into the song which made the whole song a lot terrible! This, on the other hand, is certainly Rap and it makes you want to pop and lock and do B-boy with it. (Thank God! A rookie group who actually raps!)

They do dance pretty well. My only problem with the choreography is that they are quite close with each other all through the choreography. The space is wasted and they should do utilize that. They have seven members to fill that space up. They are packing in the center for the whole thing. I also expected cooler dance moves ‘cause yah, this is Hip Hop, apparently. I guess they can improve on that and what’s with flashing of abs? (It made girls swoon, yeah, yeah, RIGHT.) And yah, that windmill is pretty cool too.

Rap tracks are usually about breaking standards & rules right? (so badass….) This talks about skipping classes/ cutting classes and not having those huge mediocre dreams. It is pretty tame for me but as I flip over & watch references, I understand why the topic of not having dreams and skipping school is a big deal and for that, I would not elaborate more.


The setting for the music video is a constructed box set for a gangsta place because yah, again, based on infos that I have gathered: There’s no thug places in Korea. It is very peaceful country and they have good citizens but this particular MV should look ill with authentic thug setting and I don’t understand why there’s a helicopter at the end of the music video and it is flashing spot lights towards the “law breakers”. Sure thing, they’ve run over a group of boxes (at the start of the MV), set fire in a makeshift neighborhood and smashed unsmashable things and they have a school bus with stickers and stuff and they do skateboard but the police (should it be the police) could’ve utilize police cars instead. (Or at least, helicopters are waaaaaaaaay more cooler)

This is a great track for a rookie Hip Hop group to be honest. I didn’t expect them to be this good in the first place. There are only a few rookies who can make you believe that the will do great with rap and hip hop. They did.

Replacements for Block B? Naaahhh…. forget about that thing. Let’s not have those issues here. Let us make BTS have their own identity. Block B is Block B and we all miss their sound.

I just hope that this Hip Hop group lasts for a very long time (without issues with money-related things and management-related thngs). This is a good start for them. At least, other groups are a bit threatened by the presence of these Hip Hop boys.




Tid Bits… Tid Bits… Tid Bits…

  • Have you heard Bulletproof? Yep. The one that they always use as an intro. That’s pretty ill too.
  • Don’t you think someone looks like Baekhyun from EXO? I think there are a lot Kpoppers who are in EXO spell at the moment but, yah, someone resembles Baekhyun.
  • Would I dare to listen to BTS’ future songs? a giant OF COURSE!

credit time: LOEN Ent’s YouTube channel (  & my younger brother (brother’s  for the BTS gif at the start of this OMO


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