Random Thoughts: ComebackSSSSS, Dara’s Blonde Hair and Everybody Seems to Get into Relationships [or get married]



COMEBACKSSSSSS (‘cause 1 ‘S’ isn’t enough)

Infinite just released a teaser for their comeback showing where on earth they’ve shot their upcoming MV “Destiny” – Yep. L.A. (on the set of Transformers & Spider Man, nonetheless) they’re actually the first to actually do so. As a result? I am expecting this one to be as EPIC as I my imagination suggest it’s going to be.

APink’s Secret Garden album jacket photo was released today announcing their comeback tomorrow on M! Countdown and this time, it’s a mini album.

APink Jacket Photo

MYNAME will also have a comeback this month and earlier today, they’ve released a comeback medley. They’ve been away for too long so their fans would be ecstatic about this.

Tony An (Okay now where’s Sung Siwon? Yep. Reply 1997 reference here!) just released his mini album and this mini album features Eun Ji Won and Hyun Jun of SMASH.

Tony An album

Have you heard of a track with trot and dance combined? Well, Jewelry is set to do so with the release of their Hot & Cold MV .

2NE1 is also set to have a comeback this month and they’ve released their official photo for their upcoming album. The poster looks palm-y, summer-y and I feel a reggae-ish vibe from it but (what do I know?!) you know Kpop… teaser images will probably fail you.

2ne1 falling in love

Which leads us to…..



Yep. A section dedicated only to Dara’s hair. I don’t know why but it is a big issue, at least, for me. She will always, I mean it, look young and beautiful and gorgeous and hot all the time but I am not sure about this hair color change though.

blonde dara


Relationships, Relationships, Relationshipsssss & Won Bin actually wears slippers

Lee Hyori was rumored to tie a knot with her boyfriend of three years, Lee Sang Soon. It was said to be on September but then, their agencies seems to be out of their minds when they confirmed it because, after a while, they also denied it which left us hanging with confusion and amusement. (Aaahh… Entertainment Agencies, Go Home. You’re Drunk!)

I woke up, checked this blog’s twitter account with every single Kpop account I know talking about Won Bin and how he has a girlfriend blah, blah, blah (so I grabbed a popcorn and watch things unfold ‘cause yah, basically, that’s how things work in KPop). The girl was confirmed to be Lee Na Young and their agencies also confirmed that they are actually in a relationship (at least 2 out of 4 entertainment agencies involved in this article is in their right minds while releasing their statements).

won bin relationship

What’s funny is that some fans didn’t actually care about the relationship but they have somehow managed to notice that Won Bin is on slippers on the papparazi shots. Yes people, you’re ultimate leading man wears slippers too. (reality check: He’s also human and humans wear slippers. END OF STORY)

Which brings us back to….

DARA! (Yes! Dara again.) Who is being sad about Won Bin’s “unavailability” at the moment.

dara's twitter

credits to: woolim entertainment’s YouTube account, HSMedia’s YouTube account, jewelry0127’s YouTube account, sandara’s twitter account & Dispatch


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