[RANDOM THOUGHTS]: IU-Eunhyuk, 2PM vs. Shinhwa’s Sexiness battle, CL vs. Lee Hyori-The Bad Girls, Howling Then Being Trapped-SM’s Overlapping Promotion Issues

IU & Eunhyuk

Yeah, It kinda feel that this an oooooold news but yep! We haven’t got over this IU-Eunhyuk thing. It isn’t funny anymore (Remember those Euhyuk topless memes?) This thing is (no, not “out of hand”) LAME and I don’t know why people escalate such things with this two and I think if ever they have been together OR are still together OR are getting married, they don’t really owe us and explanation (Even the president of nations have their right of privacy, enough said.)

RT IU Eunhyuk


2PM vs. Shinhwa’s Sexiness

Who dares to argue that only girl bands can do some crazy magazine poses and butt dance their way off sexiness?

I must admit, I was like: WHAT THE QWERTYUSDFGHJKL!!! When I first saw both comeback stages and both 2PM’s butt swinging thing and Shinhwa’s Vogue dance are unexpected but what do we know?! It’s hot! Nothing less…

To break it down, in my opinion: Shinhwa’s Vogue thing reminds me of those anime/ manga sequences when the male lead breaks into some crazy dance except that Shinhwa’s version is much, much, much sexier but is not less awkward than those anime guys. 2PM’s butt thingy, on the other hand, is a dance out of the blue. It feels like the whole 2PM lead by Nichkhun just suddenly pops up and worked it! It’s like oh… they’ve decided to sit and observe the imaginary girl, their touching their necks, uh they stood up, dance sequence, dance sequence. Wait…. what is Nichkhun doing?! WHAT THE *******!!!!

So who won the sexiness battle? It’s actually up to you. (But yah, I personally picked 2PM but I am not a HOTTEST for that matter).

There’s only one thing that I have realized from these things: You’re never too old and too manly to do girly dance moves.

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CL & Lee Hyori’s Bad Girl

I know… YG changed the track name of CL to Baddest Female but, stil, it was supposed to be Bad Girl, right?

I don’t know about the title issues and such but I think YG went to the safest route by changing CL’s. I mean, seniority is a serious matter, at least in Korea so I think they are just being respectful towards Lee Hyori, which is a good thing.

RT Lee Hyori CL

The level of “bad girlness” of both depends on the image that they are trying to imply on the audience. As I see it, Lee Hyori is going after the Madonna route: breaking rules while being sexy and trashing social standards on how it is to become a female in the society that she is questioning while CL is vying with the Swag female rapper position (almost Beyonce with a pinch of Pink actually but the rapper version!): SWAG and gorgeous.

No matter how you see both artists, I think they are sick of the stereotypical female that is imposed on them and they are trying to express themselves by standing out to shout to the world what it takes to be original.


SM’s Overlapping Promotions

Admit it, fandom wars are mostly generated by overlapping schedules of artists in the SAME company/label (which sucks A LOT!)

RT Wolf Trap

Time is gold BUT so are our favorite bands and/or individual artists. I hope that SM Ent. will understand that by doing these overlapping things, the fans becomes divided to the point of (online) fighting with each other. I mean it’s not only artists that have fans/stans, Company fans/ stans (fans that supports all/most the artist in the same company) is also trend.

In case you do not know what on earth am I talking about: *cough* EXO, Henry *cough*. See, you have let the boys howl but you also left them trapped (I think, it is a double edged-sword you are using to kill both of your artists here SM).

I don’t know if they are just being business-minded here because if you love both artists; you will definitely buy both albums and you will vote for both on polls. This is where accomplishment issues enter, I guess, accomplishment issues for the artist, the pressure to be up there at number one while you are competing with your colleagues at the same company. I don’t know if this is healthy though.

I think we should ask SM. *rolls eyes*

photo credits: all credits for the photos goes to to their rightful owners


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