OMO: (Here Comes) The Baddest Female(!)-[CL’s Baddest Female Review]

Author’s Note: I know that I haven’t reviewed a lot (well, at least three/four?) music videos that are worth reviewing and are worthy of being talked about but then again I have some reasons (family matters) that have come to my way and that I have to deal with so, yah, to all fans of T-ara, 2PM, B1A4, Hello Venus and Lee Hyori; I apologize. Those are amazing songs and music videos but, like what they always say: Family should always come first.

But I am now back so let’s get back to work. Shall we?

So, YG’s Swag is back and they are back with CL. Yup, they’ve debuted CL as a solo artist just like what they have done with GDragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung and Sungri (Yep, the whole of Big Bang). Will they do the same with 2NE1? I don’t know but here’s CL and Bom did released a solo track before right? Then again, how about Minzy and Dara? Before we think about the rest of 2NE1 and their comeback let’s talk about this CL MV first.


The first thing that came to my mind when the agency announced that they are debuting CL with Bad Girl was: Oh, okay now, this is going to be GD’s female version! This is going to slay all of you out there! Like seriously, get ready to run for your lives!!! Then Lee Hyori’s Bad Girl came to mind and we all know that YG did change CL’s title which I think is better than what its title was. So my expectation for this song is UP, way up there. My expectations touched the clouds. Really. Trust me. So when the MV came out, I rushed to see it. Literally.

So what became of my expectation? Let’s see.

CL glam shots

Let’s talk about clothes first. On a press release, YG told us that CL had 15 wardrobe changes in this MV. I didn’t count it when I watched the MV (it’s up to you to deliberate if it is really 15 or not) but CL is a fashionista, she did showcase that in this thing. Her walk and clothes at the start of this MV kind of reminded me of her own self on 2NE1’s Can’t Hold Us Down (same clothes’ designer?) and the rest is just Lady Gaga-ish/McQueen-ish. What is Lady Gaga-ish/McQueen-ish? Over the top, avant-garde, almost gothic, unusual, sometimes animal printed, swag clothes. I mean that in a good way though. There are not a lot of people who can pull that thing off. She did pull it off and she did it great.


Dun! dun! dun! dun!….. I am scared of the next part though. Please don’t prosecute me, please…. they are just my opinions and we are all entitled to one, right? So for those hardcore YG/2NE1/CL fans/stans: Forgive me.

The music video is quite long. It took 4 minutes and 2 seconds (TLDW? naah… this is a YG MV, I did watched it a lot). YG = Swag, that’s a given but c’mon! Who didn’t get reminded of a GD or T.O.P MV when CL was sitting or posing on that “queen chair”? They kind of overuse that king/queen chair scene already and almost all of their rap MVs used that clean slate black or white background too. The gang scene was really cool and angst-y but I think it could’ve been angst-ier if they actually did that scene outside, like on a real gangsta looking place with spray paints on the wall and stuff (just like on 2NE1’s “Ugly” MV) or on just a street with gangta-looking people, that would’ve been cooler. Then there’s CL’s monologue-flag-raising-on-a-cliff scene which was I think the best scene on the whole MV but then there’s this line: “…not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good you know”. One thing, she doesn’t really have to clarify on that. We will get it no matter what and duh… c’mon! Common sense? (& just to point it out, they did use “bad” in that sentence thrice!) On the brighter side, CL really looked gorgeous and really sexy on this MV especially on that queen chair.

CL fangs

Song – Like what they have said earlier, this song is a very slow rap that has 70 beats per minute (70bps = ballad) and for most of us that equates rap with a faster beat count, this is quite unusual to hear (and yep, this took forever to listen to which is not-so-normal with rap). The outcome? It sounded reeeaaaalllyyy slooowww. Did it gave the song advantages? No. A lot of people said that this song is the worst thing that they have listened to this year. To argue, the year hasn’t even ended yet (…and c’mon! How was it listening to IGAB at first? Tell me the truth and only the truth!).

It is just maybe that people’s expectations are not met with this one. See, this is YG and YG is the kingdom of hiphop/rap/swag music; this track just fell short on a thing. Yes, swag’s still there, extravagantness (of clothing, style, label-brands) is still there, gangta feel is still there but then again we want rap, not slow rap but a rap track from a female Korean artist just rap. Rap the normal way, rap faster but (I guess, from this track and people’s reaction) not a slow rap.

CL after dubstep

“Do the Unnie” and “I’m a Gizibe…Where my bad girls at?!” is really catchy though and the snoop dance is ill. The main problem here is just the beat count. The freakin’ beat count! Not all people want a slow rap, end of story.

Maybe we are going after “Leaders” kind of rap here. GD and CL and Teddy killed that thing. CL still is the Baddest Female though. Her attitude and style and swag are hers. I never have encountered another Kpop artist that pull off the things that she wears and the aura that she exudes (mostly, KPop ladies are routing for cute and/or sexy). CL is going after gorgeous pure bad-ass sexy (Yep, three things, three things that others are afraid to show-off) She’s the flame in a room full of pink-cutesy stuff, never afraid to stand out. Beauty and cuteness are easy to find but uniqueness and brilliantness is elusive.


To YG, maybe T.O.P suits slow rap but I think CL is better with GD-kind of rap. A bit crazy, a bit swag, a bit bad-ass, fast rap.

Note: due to my brother’s nagging and suggestions, I did try to play this track 1.28x faster (on a FLV player). By then, it’ll sound like a GD track and yep, CL suits fast rap.

CL Adidas hanging


credits: 2NE1’s official Youtube channel (



  1. sam

    Bom had two solo songs. Besides my problem with the song and the lyrics(they seemed superficial to me) the video told me nothing about CL. Unless I missed it and the point is that CL is exactly like GD but female. I agree about the gangster part. CL is in no way, shape, or form gangster. Charismatic yes, energetic of course but gangster no. Maybe YG should have played on those traits of CL. If CL wants to make a big statement maybe she should consider rapping on things other people care about, like love or world issues, maybe even her hopes and dreams.

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