Random Thoughts: Virtual Relationship, Real Relationship and Influencing Other People

Virtual Relationship

It’s not anymore a surprise for everybody, especially ShaWols, that Taemin is going to be in We Got Married with Na Eun (A Pink). Yes, two days ago the news was like an earthquake that struck the KPop community. They are all asking one thing: Why out of all the SHINee members it has to be Taemin? ‘cause he’s the youngest and (Hello?!) the guy just turned 20 and it does not seem right. They could’ve just picked his hyungs apparently but according to the show’s PD: He wants “a new couple that will give a vibe of first love”.

taemin na eun WGM

Err. Okay. I am sensing a hopeless romantic in that statement. Star-crossed lovers? Romeo and Juliet? Young innocent love? Okay, didn’t he checked his show’s title first? It says “we got MARRIED”. He’s like 19 (international age) and she’s also 19 (international age). It kinda feels weird and they kind of eloped there if this is in real life. Aren’t they too young to be “MARRIED”? I know that I’m on the fangilrs’ side right now, but they are really too young to be on this show. If they are up for the ratings, they will actually get it. Still, they’re too young!

Dear PD-nim,

You will get your ratings okay? I just don’t know if you’ll get the parent’s (& the fangirls’) approval for the wedding.

Real Relationship

tony an hyeri

Speaking of relationships and age, I am sure you’ve already heard about Tony An and Hyeri (Girl’s Day). They are apparently in a real-life relationship and according to their agencies: “They’re on the getting-to-know stage”. Age difference? She’s 18 (international age) and he’s 34 (again, international age), 16 years of age gap. It is a bit unusual because yah, he could be her uncle but it is quite normal nowadays too. I just hope that they are really in love with each other and if this relationship will push through, let’s just be happy for the both of them. (But let us comfort Sung Shiwon for the mean time. =D )

For that, here’s a Sung Siwon meme:

sung siwon meme

Influencing Other People

Psy did not make it to Times list of 100 Most Influential People. This is on a big scale isn’t it? I only remember 2 people from my own country making it to the list. Psy actually did well on the online voting, making it to the 7th spot but, by the end of the day, the editors still have the last say on who are going to be on the list.


Here’s the deal: He might be the biggest hit-maker of 2012 but did he influence you that much? Yes, he is fun and all, he did make you feel good and fun but I guess that’s it. Making it to Time’s 100 Most Influential People of the year takes more than people listening to your music. It actually takes making a difference on the view and lives of the general public and doing something that makes lives better. I think Psy qualified for ‘making lives better’ but let’s just let him be the fun person he is and let’s not make a big fuzz over this Times thing. Let’s just all love Psy and Love KPop.


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