OMO: (MotherF****R) GENTLEMAN! – [Psy’s Gentleman MV Review]

Note: We’re not cursing. Check out the lyrics if you must. That’s where we got our title… hahaha! THIS POST IS FULL OF PSY MACROS (Please take them out and post with credits, thank you!)

FLASHBACK! This blog was put up months after Psy’s Gangnam Style went viral but I’ve been into KPop long before that, thus, as a hitmaking wonder as Psy is: I freakin’ love to review a Psy MV!!! (Yey!) Lo-and-behold, he just released an MV three days ago. (I am not really sure to whom should the next statement be addressed to but) Thanks for making one of my dreams come true! (maybe to YG. Nah, to Psy? Who composed this song? Maybe it should be to him… Oh, well…)

psy banner

Admit it, the first thing that went into your mind when you first viewed the MV (or is it just myself again?) was the freakin’ word: WHY?!!!!!!!! See, it’s not the most wholesome MV in the world and it is definitely as child-friendly as Gangnam Style was (we will have a lot of Gentleman vs. Gangnam Style comparisons here because of the obvious reasons.) This music video even vulgarly hurt (is that the right word?) some women in it.

Wait. What? You haven’t viewed the MV yet? (Dude, were you sent to outer space this weekend? It was on YouTube’s frontpage these whole time.) For the sake of those people who haven’t seen the MV yet (because blabbering here without you actually watching it, is a bit awkward) Here it goes…

This whole Music video is about irony (in case your brain is asking you: “WHAT THE HELL DID WE JUST WATCHED?!”) even those ajhussi (older men) at the start of the video is part of the irony. Notice how they hold Psy’s shopping bags, looking like his personal assistants? Those women whom he intentionally hurt (at least in the vid) are the gist of the irony, thus, GENTLEMAN is the title of this song/ music video.

shopping level PSY

Why did he choose this path for this song and MV? Here’s the English translation of the first two verses and I really think it helps with your Why’s:

I don’t know if you know why it needs to be hot
I don’t know if you know why it needs to be clean
I don’t know if you know, it’ll be a problem if you’re confused
I don’t know if you know but we like, we we we like to party

Hey there

If I’m going to introduce myself
I’m a cool guy with courage, spirit and craziness
What you wanna hear, what you wanna do is me
Damn! Girl! You so freakin sexy!

Based on the first verse, I sense the pressure that he felt for this follow-up song. Gangnam Style’s popularity is not a joke. It was pretty serious and if this thing flops, (based on the second verse) he really didn’t care! ‘Cause yah, he just like to party and he’s a cool guy with courage, spirit and he’s definitely crazy alright. It’s like saying that: This is a shot to the moon and I really don’t care if y’all like this or not but HEY, I am definitely having fun and this is me people! And that’s a great attitude.

psy on the verge of

Whether you’ll admit it or not, I know we all expected a Gangnam Style Part 2 for this one. Did it fall short on our expectation? I guess not. Have you seen this video’s hits on YouTube? It has (as of this moment ‘cause it continues to increase every freakin’ hour) about 162+M hits. It beat Justin Bieber’s record for most views on the first day of release of a music video (side comment: whatever happened to that kid? hmmm…) Should we this called ‘The Psy Effect’? It is pretty awesome.

Psy Super Saiyan

The reception that this video got from everybody is amazing and astonishing. It is a certified hit, sweeping charts in Korea and debuting today at #12 on Billboard. Based on the site’s statistics, it gains a million views per hour and most of the views are from the United States. So what makes this crazy little piece of a Music Video so amazing a million people click and watch it every single hour? I think the greatest reason out of all the reasons there are is that it makes fun out of itself. It does not take you seriously and it does not take itself seriously which is crazy, fun, crazy, fun and crazy and fun and hilarious.

psy views

The dance for this song is anything but new to us, at least if you’re already in to KPop by the early 2010. You will notice that Psy had recycled Brow Eyed Girls’ (BEG) Abracadabra dance. They all call it ‘Hip Swing’/ ‘Butt Swing’ dance at the moment. It fits the song but then again, it is not new and then there are those who oppose the use of the said dance in this particular Psy song. It actually works, mostly, for the people who do not know the origin of the dance. As for me? The dance should always belong to the original song it was meant for. It will always automatically ring a memory bell in my brain and I will go: “Oh! The Abracadabra Dance!”. The first time I saw BEG actually dancing it made me feel like something is strange about the dance and I still feel like that even though it is already Psy’s Gentleman we’re seeing it in. The difference maybe is that it felt funnier than haughty in Psy’s than BEG’s. (link to BEG’s Abracadabra here: )

psy humping man

It was headlined for weeks that Psy invited both the Infinity Challenge men and Ga In (BEG) for this particular music video. The comic relief that those men contributed for this music video, sadly, for me, is not that enough. I get it that they were still humping, shuffling and still in a yellow suit while on the verge of *insert proper term here* but that’s just it. I think I am expecting a little bit more from them and I am not that satisfied with their cameos. Ga In on the other hand had a great appearance on this one because, yah, the dance was from her group in the first place. But if you’re going to ask me if she’s just there to represent the group that this dance originally belongs to, I don’t know I have to shrug my shoulders for that because as she had said in some interviews: (a) Psy asked her to do this video on April Fool’s Day so she did not believe him first and (b) Psy asked her because he wants a beautiful Asian lady without double-eyelids. With those answers, the question never got answered so yah, no one knows.

So what makes Psy standout from the rest of the guys in KPop? He does not have an image. Well, he does have an image but it is not as (okay I am out of words here… HELP?) crucial to his career to maintain that image. He can jump from here to there at any given moment and you’ll still probably like him. See, your KPop idols are all given the identity they have by their agencies (whether we admit it or not), thus, they are all trying to fit in that image for them to somehow survive. In Psy’s case, image is not as important. Psy controls his identity and he’ll always, I mean ALWAYS, come out to be entertaining and funny whatever he does.

beg dancce

The second thing that I like about Psy this whole time is that he is not afraid of what other people might react to the things that he does. He presents himself as he is and it is up to us if we will care or we will not. He comes out boldly and his purpose is to entertain you. That’s it and he is not trying hard to please you. If you’re pleased or not, it looks like he does not care because, yah, everything you do in the entertainment industry is a shot to the moon.

Last, he is not a one-hit wonder. One million hits in every hour is not a joke. I don’t know if the third thing he’ll release will still be as big as this but this only proves on thing: You’ll always love that Tuxedo-clad Chubby Man that has a knock for crazy dances and viral YouTube videos.

Congratulations to Psy!

…and yah, Mother Father Gentleman!

psy party

credits: officialpsy’s YouTube channel ( & Brown Eyed Girls’ YouTube channel (


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