Random Thoughts: Yesung Enlisting Next Month, The PRE-Sequel of T-ara’s Controversy & Psy’s Gentleman

So yep. Yesung (Super Junior) will be enlisting on May 6th as previously reported by all of the KPop sites that we are all reading.  He is definitely spending his time left with his family these days. We all wish him good luck in his stay in the army!

credits for this photo: as watermarked

credits for this photo: as watermarked

T-ara is coming up with a sub-unit. After their controversy (Hwayoung bullying issue) they seem to be unstoppable on trying to move on but a few days ago, they are being criticized on an Op-Ed  because of ‘not having designated a proper amount of time to contemplate on things that they have done’ due to  the ‘disturbance’ that have caused during the Hwayoung controversy.

I don’t know if I have any T-ara fan (Queen’s) readers but I am not such a fan of this group. I mean, I have danced to Rolly Polly a lot because it is definitely addicting dance music but I think I am not just into their concepts and such and I really don’t know about CCM (Core Contents Media) artists but they seem not to gain any attention from me (or, maybe, the company’s marketing strategy is not working on me). Sure, I know Eunjung, Qri (because she’s the cute one) and Jiyeon but the rest of the girls are a bit blurry in my memory. I didn’t even know Hwayoung until her bullying incident! (Yah, I bit unforgivable, right?)


This ‘Hwayoung issue’ pre-sequel is a bit foreign to me because of the questioned ‘contemplating time’. I don’t know about other country’s customs on sins, contemplating and forgiveness but if we try to recall on things: CCM and T-ara are not even sorry if ever T-ara did or did not bullied their ex-member. (How about that?! They’re a bit s****y on that one) In the end, they actually expelled Hwayoung right?


I don’t know the whole story on this but I will just try to remind you people: No one will progress if they continually step down on other people. (And where the hell did their ‘new member’ Dani went? Remember, Dani? The one that was casted in School 2013? No? Yes? I don’t blame you.)

Let’s have a positive outlook on things! Shall we?

In case you’ve been sent to outer space this weekend: Psy’s New Song has just been released last Friday on 12am (your country’s time, yep, New Zealand got to listen to the song first)and the MV was released, the next day, Saturday. By Sunday morning (we’re talking about KST), it already got 6M views, by lunch it got 10M views and by the end of that day a whooping 20M views was recorded. Whoa! moment, right? The MVs YouTube hits is rising as I write this and it’s rising fast (and I am not doing any macros about the hits anymore, ‘cause it’s not stopping to rise)

I will be doing a review on Gentleman so I’m not going to say a lot about it on this post but yah: “MOTHER FATHER GENTLEMAN!”



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