OMO: BEATLES (Abbey Road? Nah…) – [GI’s BEATLES MV Review]

Author’s Note: I’ve been away for a very long time. Yep. I know. I am so sorry but here I am again and I think I’ll be sticking here a lot. So shall we?

gi initials

What’s GI and where on earth did they came from? GI stands for Global Icon (as a grammar nazi, I actually think that the group’s name is lacking an ‘s’) and they are from Simtong Entertainment. (Yep, I know your next reaction will be…) I haven’t heard of Simtong before, give me names of idols/ artists/ singers/ rappers/ talents of Simtong. Well, Simtong houses Crispi Crunch, TRITOPS and Kim Sori. Member names? GI is composed of  Ha Yun, One Ket, Eun Ji, AI and A Ram (I have to still identify which is which right?)

gi members

So, they’ve (at least, their company) have decided to cut their hair short and labeled them as a “tomboy” group. They’ve released a teaser photo, a couple of teaser individual images and three teaser videos and because of those: My expectations for this group have risen from a complete zero to a bit higher in my personal scale. I mean, have you seen their last teaser (the dance one)? They look totally cool there. To tell you the truth, I am not that fazed when it comes to deviation from the norm of cutesiness that KPop has known to have. Like, how many girl group attempts have disappointed you already with this badass image, right? And c’mon dude! They’re rookies.

On that note, let’s dissect this thing!

First, the song: Obviously, it is Hip Hop (Who would have guessed this wrong?). It is always Badass = Hip Hop. I mean that, ALWAYS! The first line of the Engrish rap is (uhmmm….) engrish and from that song of Whiz Kalifa ‘Black and Yellow’. Then there’s the bridge of the song which I expected to be away from a ballad song but it was a girly tuned ballad song (minus one point). The chorus is catchy and dancy and catchy and dancy. I guess the song needed that, it’s their their first song. They should get attention and the line at the beginning “attention, attention” makes sense now. (Hmmmm… clever)

The dance – this aspect is cool, to be honest. Not all (especially most girl groups) can dance like that. Have you seen how they killed the chorus? But there’s something lacking about the start of the song and after the chorus where they strike a pose, (a pose which is not totally boyish) it is a bit not polished(?) but they can still improve on that one.


The MV is almost acid punk in color: Black background, skulls, dripping neon paint, glow in the dark green neon food (which is strange), street-style neon-ish and almost like 2NE1’s Ugly color scheme. Yep, this is street people!

We have to talk about their image right? (yah, ‘cause they were brave enough to self-label themselves as ‘tomboys’). One thing that I am sure of is that no tomboy will wear their midribs and will show off their tummies. No, at least from what I heard of from my friends that are self-confessed tomboys. I think ‘boyish’ can suit them better or ‘street-style’ or ‘Hip Hop style’ or ‘Non-cute Hip Hop style’ (‘cause, you know, some are claiming they are onto the Hip Hop side but they look too cute to be Hip Hop-ish, which is weird). Will they be able to keep this image that they are putting up? I don’t know, maybe we will have to wait until they come back with another album (nothing is too permanent in Kpop, right? Unless you’re from YG, that is.)

gi four faced

In my opinion, this group (I mean, their company) routed for the explosive marketing strategy that went “BOOM! We have a girl group and with a SWAG concept. Gather around people!”. Have you seen their very first announcement poster with a dog and the members smirking and letting out their tongues? That poster confused me if they are routing for Amber (yes, f(x) because she’s actually KPop’s epitome of a tomboy) or they are going with 2NE1’s ‘Can’t Nobody’ (‘cause that spike and leash reminds me of ‘Can’t Nobody’ MV). In this MV I have proved something: I don’t think they are going to become like Amber but I am pretty sure that they are all rooting to become like CL.

They are going for the fierce, not really with the tomboy thing that they are saying. I can fully think that they do not understand what ‘tomboy’ concept is. Again, this is just boyish and cutting your hair really short does not equate to anything (other than wanting your hair to be just really short.). Again, the tomboy thing is just pure marketing strategy to catch all of our attention and c’mon! they have some body-swaying and some hip trust and some hot pose on the MV!

gi weird things they own

To be very honest, this whole thing is not that special. I mean, it does not stick to my mind like other songs that went out but they are still rookies and they still have a lot of room for improvement, right? I expected a lot from them other than the acid punk thing that they have given me and the auto-tuned rap and bridge parts but they just gave me those and the BurgerBeat Remix of the same song. (What is a BurgerBeat Remix? A song remix that only means the song will be suited for a club to dance to.) I think this will certainly appeal on the western hemisphere (‘cause there’s a hint of Lil Kim there) but most of us are living on the east hemisphere, so, we have to see about that later.

On the positive note, I think they honestly wanted to do the boyish side of things and we should all give them an A on that. They somehow pull through but they are still lacking on some points. We have to give them a chance on this.

fave scenes

Will this climb up in charts? I don’t know. The answer to that depends on how we will react to this seemingly new concept that they have served us with.

Will Koreans like this? I also don’t know how to answer that too. I don’t live there and I am certainly not a Korean. You should want to ask your Korean friends for the answer (‘cause I know I will.)
Someone from this group looks like a 4Minute member, I swear.

credits: Sim Tong Entertainment’s official YouTube account (


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