OMO: It’s Over (NO! Not Until I Get that BLUE BEAR!) – [Lee Hi’s It’s Over MV Review]

Note: First, I would like to apologize ‘coz I am aware that this review is a week late. Things just came up and I was pretty overwhelmed, Sorry.

LH it's over


Question: WHO WANTS THAT FREAKIN’ BLUE BEAR???!!! (I know I want one. First, because it’s a teddy bear and second, it’s freakin’ blue people, IT’S BLUE!!!)


Here’s the thing, unlike other talent agencies out there who almost always concocts genres (*cough* SM *cough*) which makes us dizzy almost every single time, most YG artists have an establish genre the moment they step on their debut stage. Like how Big Bang are the bad boys who ranges from hip hop to RNB and the same goes to 2ne1. This is no different from Lee Hi. She’s the Jazz princess people! So stop saying that ‘1,2,3,4’ sounds the same as ‘It’s over’(uhhh…) both are jazz songs.

What I really love about this whole thing (besides the teddy bear) is it managed to be cute and be ‘in-your-face-jerk’ at the same time. It is not the kind of cute that most girl groups nowadays go for. Your cute saturation point is not overwhelmed unlike some MVs wherein you might puke pink all over the place at any given moment. The coolness and cuteness blended and it was awesome.

'coz the bear is a bad boy like this


There’s an eye opener here too. Have you realize how many cool things YG owns? That pony, that bear, that giant cereal, that kiddy cart, that sundae cone, that dragon, that sprinkles necklace, that cap and even that ORANGE TOILET PAPER! (Where on earth can you find an orange toilet paper?! Only in YG people!)

things we want


The song gives a slight hint of calmness which is ironic because this is a break-up song wherein your protagonist is highly annoyed by her ex-lover and that, that is amazing. This song is another break from all the pop you can hear everywhere. It is not every day that a unique song comes out. Dubsteps and 80s are quite all over the place and this song from Lee Hi makes you want to declare “FINALLY!”. Ballads and Jazz are so refreshing it makes you breathe easier.

The cute mini-dance routine adds a cool feel to the song. Again, it has the right amount of cute.

Another nice thing about Lee Hi and her agency (YG) is that they are not forcing her to grow up and they are throwing her concepts that is not really appropriate for her age. She is a teenager and you could really see that she is having fun in what she is doing. The song suits her very well, (I am not really sure if you have seen her performance of this song on KPOP Star) she genuinely looks like she’s having fun and the judges are really happy to see her having the time of her life. I can honestly say, she’s one happy teenager.

they say

To be honest, this song is actually playing all week on my laptop’s music player (because I face my laptop every day, literally!). So you can pretty say that I am addicted to it. This is a pretty “In-your-face” break-up song that you can play to those jerks whom decided to regret your presence in his life all these freakin’ time. I guess it really that time of the year where all people decides to have the theme: “Dude, let’s break up!” huh? Goodluck with that people!

To wrap this whole thing up, this is a great song. My expectations for this one are met and you can obviously see that people are actually loving this because of: (1) Uniqueness (2) That’s a talented singer you have over there YG! and (3) Pure Awesomeness. Evidence you dare to say?! This is actually on top of charts at this very moment!



I already developed this habit of listening to some (if not the entire album) songs of a certain artist once an album of his/her comes out and here’s my rundown for Lee Hi’s First Love Pt. 1:

  • I guess ‘It’s Over’ and ‘Turn It Up’ are the only ones which are upbeat songs.
  • ‘One Sided Love’ is another theme song for those who are in the state of Friendzone


credits: Lee Hi’s official YouTube channel (


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