UPDATE: EXO’s Comeback Date Taken Down from Their Official Websites

march 31st disappeared

We really can’t say anything about this incident (Change of plans? Something happened? Is there something happening? But WTH! A TYPO!!! Or is it really just a typo?). At the end of the day, NONE (we repeat, NONE) of us knows what’s going on. One thing is for sure, we definitely think that  fans really deserves better (if this is really a typo).

Remember guys: “Good Things Comes To Those Who Wait”.

credits: EXO K & EXO M’s official SMTown websites (http://exo-k.smtown.com/ & http://exo-m.smtown.com/ ) 



  1. bangtan boys

    I totally learned something new about Korean pop today.
    It’s pretty amazing to see how the Korean pop industry
    can be so widespread and venturing off to other areas other than music.
    It’s so strange to see these people start off as just Kpop rookies
    and seeing them reach this point. Totally amazed.

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