OMO: One Spring Day (Our hearts were ripped out of our chests) – 2AM’s One Spring Day MV Review

So, dear readers, how many of us have their hearts broken after a veeeeerrryyyy long relationship? It’s not so nice right? If I could just spare the conscience and concern trying to figure out if it was us or them. (Don’t worry, it’s both party’s fault, don’t ever blame yourselves people).

2am great lighting

Before this post turns into a Love Advice segment, let us talk about the MV in question, okay?

heart wrenching mv2

First question: who in the entire world would leave Lim Seulong? (Like, What the Hell Girl! What were you thinking?!). Off to a more serious note…

I think this is a great song to welcome White Day or just a great way to get over V-day. Have you ever noticed the cycle of themes that some variety shows does before, during and after Valentines? It is like they were all (1) getting-to-know, honey moon like stage. Then for some unknown reason they are (2) Already together. They jumped from the unknown to something really touchy and such. Then (3) Things got sour and finally, (4) They just decided to get over it. (It was just a piece of cake that you can throw like nothing) What do we know? At this very moment the theme is: GET OVER IT. People just leave you out of the blue (because, yah, love sucks people! and I am such a bitter person!)

2am ladder

The MV’s storyline started from a very lovely couple having the time of their lives together and after sometime (the lyrics actually says three years, yes, that’s a very long time) the relationship grew sour. The girl decided to leave him and at this very moment, he is reminiscing moments of that lovely relationship and he is still concern about her (what a nice guy, isn’t it? where could I find such? If you happen to know one you can contact me at….. er. joke! hehehe!)

2am piano

The MV decided to go a very light ambience (Like what the title said: ‘Spring day’) which is somehow opposite the theme that the song is trying to portray – leaving and being left alone. But then again, that is the point of the whole Spring theme: ‘cold but with a bright sunshine’ it is like ‘alone but I still somehow care’. I like the idea of each door having a certain moment in a memory. It’s not all good memories but (reality check people) that what makes you relate to it. Life is not just about good memories. There’s one glitch though, what’s up with the wood carving? It doesn’t look like her (REALLY!) but I like it that the MV is really relaxed. (A timeout for all of the dance themed MVs that have come and will surely come). Thank God for ballad groups!

I really, really love the song. The lyrics makes you want to go with it and laugh and cry with the (‘laugh and cry’) line. It makes you reminisce too then it will make you wonder if there are still such men. (Oh God, Media you made me lost all my faith in humanity.)It is very touching and relatable and like what I have said on my intro paragraph: there are people somewhere out there that did went through this kind of stuff.

The members of 2AM really look neat and handsome for this particular MV and it adds to the appeal of the MV. The one thing that’s very remarkable about this group is that they have voices that can snatch your heart to the point that they can make you feel the heartbreak that they want you to feel. I remember ‘Confession to a Friend’ and I freaking wanted to throw stuff on that imaginary ‘friend’ (whoever she is) and want to say straight to her face that: “Hey! He wants you! Can’t you FREAKING see it?!” Their songs leaves you affected which I think is good.

This is the kind of song that you want to play on a rainy day and you just want to remember things (bad & good) that had happened and you are glad they did happen while snuggling with a pillow holding a warm coffee (or a hot chocolate). Snuggle weather song it is

2am group shot

P.S (For all of the people who are confused)

  • Why is this music video posted on Big Hit Entertainment’s channel instead of JYP’s?
    -Big Hit is a subsidiary of JYP. Therefore, this is STILL JYP (I was a bt confused too at frirst)


  • Please credit the blog if you are to take out or share any images posted on this blog. Thank You very much Kpop-loving people!

credits: Big Hit’s YouTube channel (


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