Uncategorized (where should random dancing be?): SM Managers Work That Dream Girl Dance (using mops, of course!)

It has been quite a week for SM, controversies are everywhere.They have realeased two official statements including one that talks about a spoon. (Yep. We can all qualify as ninjas Kpop-loving people!)

But at the end of the day, have you ever wondered what does your favorite SM idol group’s manager is up to? I mean, they are the front liners when we all break down (sometimes loose it) and unleash our fangirl and fanguy modes on. Think about it,their job is tough!

So for a breather for all the things that SM went through this week and for what these loving managers goes through everyday (& for the weeks, months and years to come)

(and who would’ve thought?) THEY CAN DANCE PEOPLE!

Here are Super Junior’s, SHINee’s, EXO’s, SNSD’s & f(x)’s managers dancing to SHINee’s Dream Girl:

Admit it, they’re as talented as their respective talents right? (This group should debut soon…) Add that to the fact that SM actually released this on their official channel.

And we really want to say this:
SM managers,
감사합니다! Fighting!

Without them we honestly think  that our favorite groups will never be the same.

credits: SMTown’s Youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/SMTOWN)


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