Uncategorized (should we add a ‘Gossip’ category?): Victoria dating Changmin and Let’s All Learn the BAP’s One Shot Choreo

Victoria’s Secret (?)

(very sharp eyes there…).

The story: Victoria (fx) uploaded pics of food on her weibo account which on an average-person’s point of view are just, yah, your regular dishes (and, yes, it might be that she loves food photography right?).

But no dear people, they are not your normal food photos! With these photos lies an uncanny evidence that YES Victoria and Changmin (TVXQ) are indeed with each other for this particular meal. See that reflection on the spoon? (You can zoom in if you need to) That’s Changmin. Victoria’s photo + Changmin’s Reflection = (we don’t have to say the obvious, don’t we?) Yep. People, you cannot trust even your silver wares these days.

Then SM released a statement that admitted that the reflection is indeed Changmin’s and it also stated that the two are with other staff members for this particular meal.

But we dare to say that whatever the status is between these two talented artist, it is way beyond our concern and why can’t we just let them be happy at the first place? But it is quite surprising that SM admitted something. (for a change, maybe?) We can see that they enjoyed the meal and (maybe) so with the staff (whether they are really there or not). Let’s just get over the fact that artists are people too (and like what we always say) they also have feelings, they have their own decisions, own emotions and whatever the outcome is, we (fans) should always be there to support, understand and respect whatever decisions are there. It’s their life people, not ours.


B.A.P Decided To Help Us Learn How To Dance (to their amazing One Shot Choreo)

This dance was never easy! So the B.A.P boys decided to lend a hand and help us do their seemingly impossible to learn dance moves.

I hope this video will really help some KPop dance enthusiast out there. It doesn’t include the scorpion and the back thing (’cause we all know that’ll really hurt)

and in case you are all wondering……. => (I tried, errr… I guess, my love for dancing is not a mutual thing between dancing and myself. I should really just have to let go of dancing right? haha!)

credits: en.korea.com – for Victoria’s weibo photos & LOENENT’s YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/LOENENT)  – for B.A.P’s One Shot Dance Tutorial


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