OMO: (We all want to be their) Dream Girl (Right?) – [SHINee’s Dream Girl MV Review]

It’s becoming a cliché by the minute but YES! SHINee’s Back and they are back with a strong vengeance.


Let’s be honest about it, SM is the master of teasers and they will always succeed in making you giddy and will always push you to the edge of your seat, which is (1) great and (2) really annoying but either way you will always end up being intrigued and enthusiastic about the main thing. (Great marketing there SM!)

There’s one thing I wanted to point out, I was a bit confused with ‘DREAM Girl’ and ‘DAZZLING Girl’ at first. What’s up with describing ‘Girls’? Tagging the previous blogs for SHINee’s comeback was a bit confusing because the browser continue to suggest ‘DAZZLING’ and not ‘DREAM’. (Holla there GURL!)

shinee THE dream girl

As you have already known (and in case, you don’t) they released both the dance version & the regular version (yep. we’ve decided to go for ‘regular version’ instead of calling it ‘plain’) at the same time. We don’t really know if there’s still a practice version of this but without the practice version these available versions can stand up for themselves. It did us (the audience) a great favor and it did benefit the company because we do demand for a dance version every time. (And when we say every time, we mean EVERY SINGLE TIME)

THE MV version

dance version

The song is has a hint of 80s with a synth (that made it to sound like a dance music ready for clubbing) therefore this can pass as a club music. (yey! this thing is really hard to describe guys.) I really have to agree with Electro Acid Funk this time (but we prefer to call this ‘Synth-ing Acid Funk’). It really sounds like a psychedelic synth disco track. However you describe this, it sure makes you want to dance.

Have you seen that mic stand stand move? (yes, two stands in the last sentence) It is really awesome!!! I am not really sure if Jonghyun and Taemin are both light weight or something but that thing is really ill dude! It’s great! So using mic stands for a dance routine is not always used in Kpop (aside from Nobody where the stands just stands on the stage). Who would have thought that you can manipulate them like a mop? That (children) is a very nice idea. They stand on the mic stand, toss the mic stand, and posed with the mic stand. (Damn! I wish I was the mic stand) SHINee will always be known for their innovative dance steps and this one is not an exemption.

shinee image3138

The MV – how do I start this? (Okay, there are 2 music videos and we will not MV review the dance one because it is just dance and it falls on the dance review paragraph above. I hope you all understand) So, the MV is full of falling and being caught on a bed. That’s pretty cool though (because this talks about ‘dreams’ right?) and it is not just full of waking up and falling again to sleep (but those kind of scenes still exists in this vid). The trampoline-wormhole thing is black and white (and not so astigmatic friendly because, yah, I have one) but the scene when Minho didn’t know if he’ll stand up or slide down did played my mind off. It disoriented me if the thing really rotates or not. Aside from being black and white, this video is also colorful and playful. Taemin is sitting on a ladder beside a humongous painting wearing cute stuff with a cap while Key is sitting on the floor looking cute in pink. They look really kid-like while Key is pulling the red cloth off the frame. Then Onew is acting cute before (and we couldn’t snip that scene, we’ve literally played and pause the vid for nth times and no we can’t freeze the scene) the mic stand scene. Jonghyun did the mic stand stand first it was pretty really cool. Key is with his megaphone again (First Kiss perf, yes?) and Minho is being pulled by another Minho using a red string. Isn’t that Alice in Wonderland-ish? Sort of. The tilted room is sort of fantastic too.

shinee the tilted patio thingy

It is really, indeed, refreshing to see SHINee again. We all missed them. Powerful dance moves is never the same without SHINee right? KPop feels really kind of empty without these energic young men right? I really have to point out how Taemin grew so much from the last MV. He is indeed now as a man. He was once a skinny young lad but, look at him now, isn’t he a dreamy young man? He is. (Then flash backs from a variety show starts) Do you remember that scene from a variety show (I can’t really remember which one) where he was faced with Minho’s height and he told him that he is still young and he will surely grow up still. I don’t know if he is already taller than Minho but still is not a kid anymore (Although he is still the maknae)

shinee taemin falling

Here goes my minor rants) First, I really don’t like those ‘almost static’ screens that they used as transitions for the scenes in this MV. They kind of disturb my viewing. Why do they have to ‘flower-fy’ the face of the girl? (To protect her? err.) Viewers like me always wanted to see the beauty of the leading ladies in all MVs or maybe she was only just a dream and they can’t remember her face? Maybe.

I know that most of Shawols are a bit frustrated by the Sherlock thing that happened last year where the group only got to promote one track and (poof!) they were catapulted to Japan. People, Shawols waited for SHINee for one and a half year and you will only give them one song?! That’s very cruel of you there SM! (You’re bad…hmp!) I really hope that this time, SHINee will be around longer IN KOREA. (Have you heard about the PV though?) It’s not that I hate them being in Japan or such. No offense to Japan and the Japanese fans but I hope they promote more in their home country this time. They deserve to reclaim their limelight in KPop where they are greatly missed. (I remember how happy are we when we saw them perform Sherlock during MAMA.)

Overall, this MV is great and the song is good. This is not their best song out of the entire album (my mini album review will be in the P.S. section). But whatever, I am just really happy that they are around (again, finally!).

cute leader photo

P.S. [Album Thoughts]

I have decided to listen to the full album so here it goes (my opinions about some songs)

  • I like Hitchhiking & Runaway the most (they are on repeat on my phone’s music player) and I think they should’ve made Runaway their carrier single but yah, I think Dreamgirl made through well.
  • Punch Drunk Love really sounds like a Jackson 5 song.
  • Aside can actually make it as a Kdrama OST.
  • Beautiful seems out of place (or something, it somehow sounds like it didn’t fit in the album)
  • Finally, Dynamite is definitely a club music

credits: SMTown’s YouTube channel (


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