OMO: One Shot (Then There Was Splatters of Blood Everywhere!) – [B.A.P’s One Shot MV Review]

WARNING: THIS IS A VERY BLOODY MUSIC VIDEO. There is violence and splattering of blood (everywhere). We really think that slight viewer discretion is advised.

It is a piece of badass oozing with blood, swag and violence all over the place. It was a very pretty cool Music Video to begin with. The garage hideout (If you do not want spoilers please go ahead and watch the MV first.), yachts, a lot of extras (we mean, the actors who played roles aside from the main characters) and an alternate ending. This MV is well-spent of and it has a good storyline.

So, it started on a sailing yacht where the members are drinking wine, eating a bunch of grapes and there are a bikini-clad women dancing. (Yep B.A.P fans, the women in this thing are only wearing two-piece bikini. Now, you may hunt them and tear them into pieces. wahahahaha!) At that point in this music video I started to think: Is it not freezing cold in Korea? The ladies are like wearing next to nothing and the members are only wearing suits and such. Then it hit me: They are not in Korea! So the buildings are quite familiar but before I dared to jump at my conclusion, I tried to watch the rest of the video. So, they are trying to implicate to us that they are rich and they can afford women to dance in their yacht, Mafia-style.


The hangar thing is some cool stuff and the crimson red sky too where they did the push-up thingy then Zelo went on and did the back stomping dance, then (excuse them for a while Infinite fans) the Scorpion dance and the combination was totally the best dance move ever! (and I think that hurts your back and knees a lot). Still, it was daebakkk!!!


There was this scene, where the violence begun, when they opened the garage and a big gang-like man started to beat the hell out of them and that threw a flash drive (that, surprisingly, was still intact after being thrown directly to the concrete floor). That was a pretty amazing flash drive (I secretly want one! hahaha!)

So yah, this is the part where I immediately realize that they are in fact in the country I thought they are in. They’ve decided to like rob a bank and went on the streets and I saw jeepneys. Okay, they are in the Philippines! Oh my GOD, we are breathing the same air!!! So after a couple of minutes of fangirling, they did rob an armored car at night and went on having a lot of bundles of cash.


Now, it’s time for the ending. Remember that this vid is 7 minutes long. The two gangs met (at the Philippine National Railway terminal-PNR) and as they threw the cash and as their ‘hostaged’ friend runs towards them, the evil people shot their friend. Then the brawl happened and we swear, there are lots and lots and lots and lots of spurting blood (It’s gross alright!). Then everybody was dead (and bloody!). Then they will make you think that the music vid is already done because B.A.P’s mascot will appear and the music seems ending but hey! There’s more! The alternate ending will now arise. The ‘hostage’ turns out to be a secret agent and some SWAT team will appear and one uniformed man will hand his badge and he is so badass that he caught both gangs in one operation.

alternate endings



Whoa! What a story right?! (So I did summarized the whole thing).
So if you’re going to ask which ending I prefer; I have to say that I like the agent thing better. That was an ‘In your face’ moment right there. It was pretty amazing!

Let me just point out some bad points here: One, they look too cute to be mafia gang members. Two, the crimson sky thing is kind of scratched already. I can definitely recall MVs using that same crimson sky. Three, I can truly say that banks don’t transfer money at night. (C’mon! Banks want safety right? Who would want to transfer money at night?!) Four, if you’re a gang member and you are looking for a bank to rob, why are you walking to survey a bank? You’re some gang member right? Therefore you do have cars. (or maybe, carsssssss for that matter). Five, why would you release a hostage INSIDE a train terminal station?! (WHY!!!!!) and I just remembered, why would you bother to record a full video, store it in a flash drive, drive in the other gang’s hang-out and deliver the video by yourself? That’s pretty impractical (add the well-prepared for 10 million dolars sign…errr.)

I really think they’ve killed it. They are in fact on the top of the charts at this very moment. They’ve nailed it. Like truly nailed it, they’ve hit jackpot! Big time! I really love the action thingy that happened in the plot. It’s dark and full of angst. This Music vid is pretty cool really and the dance moves are to die for. That’s a crazy back stumping-Scorpion dance combination. I can go on and on and on here but it might bore you all so yah, Congratulations to B.A.P! They’ve got us all in this one.

Yes, I am looking out for the live perf on this one.

More blood spluttering... aish!

Let’s have more blood spluttering… aish!


  • It was pretty weird that Filipino fans didn’t knew that they were coming. (or they did? I am not really sure) But it is pretty unusual that fans did not flock on the airport and their  hotel. Nice ninja moves there B.A.P (and B.A.P managers)!
  • To the fans: we should have better ninja instincts next time.
  • To those who will ask which part of our whole archipelago this video was shot in: It was in Manila Bay, PNR station (i think that was an end station) &  in Cupang, Muntinlupa ( & if you’re a Kpop loving person and is currently living in Muntinlupa: hmmmm…. you did miss something huh?!) 

credits: TSENT2008’s YouTube channel (


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