OMO: (Ma Boy’s) Gone, Not Around Any Longer – [Sistar19’s Gone Not Around Any Longer Review]

Who expected Ma Boy-fun part 2? Kindly raise your hands people. Yeah, Yes, I see a lot of hands out there but I have to say: Sorry, it’s not happening in this MV fellow kpop-loving people. (Yah, I know, I was all disappointed too).

It was a giant heartbreak, a humongous one. I was heartbroken on the last day of January. (Why did you do this to me Sistar19?!) I thought it would be really fun. The whole thing just dumped my happy emotions in the nearest trash bin. My expectations were just robbed off me and I am all alone sobbing with the tune of the song. The whole thing was about pain. (It did cause me pain.)


I would like to discuss the beginning of the dance routine and some things that for me is quite suggestive (you know what I mean right?). So, Starship, WHAT WAS THAT?! (In case you didn’t saw the MV yet, you better play it now!) Butt robbing against a transparent bench. What was that for? This routine, I promise, would be one (I think this is the second time?) of those R-rated things that they have done and this time, it would not be fun. I liked the body wave thing that they have done with Ma Boy. It puts ‘fun’ in funny most of the time (especially, when your friends are trying to “parody” the video). This one, the implication of that bottom-rubbing thing is not so nice. No, not another one of that dance move. (It’s nearing the Dr. Feel Good dance step, which is very infuriating!!!) It could qualify for a ‘mature content’ in my opinion. This may undergo choreography change, I’m feeling it. Add the boyfriend’s shirt thing. They could’ve at least worn a bottom that is not as short as, well it is also called, a short. I mean, you are heartbroken, right? You don’t want to feel cold (Physically cold and catch a cold), right?!

As I’ve said, the song is about heartbreak, being left alone, sobbing about a boyfriend who did not care a lot about how cold you can get (with only his shirt left behind). For the singing and rapping, I think, you cannot question Hyorin’s voice. It is good and soothing as ever. It is really good. The rapping did not last that long and that some parts Bora seems to just read the line (to add a feel of desolation maybe). There’s nothing much going on for the rap part in that case.

The dance routine is quite sexy. The hip thrust, dancing while kneeling on the floor, body rolling in the air and, as stated above; the beginning step (which appears again at the end) is a bit disturbing. They’re also fond of dancing on top of things as I have noticed (it was a car last summer and today, on top of a transparent piano case). They, including the entire group, are aiming for the mature side of the fence.


Again, it’s a heartbreaking song. So what would you expect as a setting for a song about separation and such? A bitter girl with tons and tons of flashbacks and alone scenes on the bedroom,bathroom, the car they used together and (yes, I guess they’re that rich) a transparent baby piano. So yah, it’s the cliché heartbreak set of scenes then add the long narrow hallway where one (then, surprisingly), two people could suddenly fit together. I almost forgot, they also own a transparent bench.

To wrap-up, I have to say that I do not like this MV so much that I do not like to watch it over and over again. I was expecting a fun one. Obviously, nothing’s fun here. All is sad. It is really sad. I think many girl groups are breaking away with the sweet image. That’s good. Changes are good. They are good as long as the path you are taking is making you better. I like to point out that the title is too long. It is also missing a coma (between the words Gone and Not). Then here I am, back to my personal dilemma, my unsatisfied expectations so today I become A One Sad Potato.


credits: starshipTV’s YouTube channel (


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