OMO: Today (Let’s Be Cute, No? Why???!) – [BP POP’s Today Review]

“The First Girl Group to Debut in 2013” is their unofficial sub-moniker and they are cute (and most girl groups debuted as a cute girl group).

First off: Song. It sounds cute, feels cute and sounds pink. The voices tried to sound cute (a bit child-ish) also and at some points (of trying to be overly cute) it was a bit out of tune. It is really sugary. Please understand that sometimes being overly cute sounds a bit irritating and, I don’t know about you, but there are several points that I feel really annoyed by the cuteness of the song. I hope they will release a follow-up track that is not a ‘cute’ one. One good point though, the chorus (kind of) sticks to your mind easily and, most of the time, that helps to identify one song from another, right?


The Music Video is (PINK AND BLUE) cute, too. Almost APink-ish I should say. Which one of the two would I prefer, is off the topic so, moving on… The dance needs a little polishing because I noticed some out of timing steps with some members but I guess that comes with being the new group, yes?

To round this up: The whole thing is cute because the theme is cute and they should look cute and fresh right? They are, again, the new group. Some people want a fresh, young look for a new thing right. I guess that’s what their agency is thinking so, there, they gave us their ‘new girl group’ a cute fresh look. I just wish that they would someday drop their shrilly voice and give the song their natural voice. I hope they would do well with their promotions.

Did I notice that some of them looks like someone from another girl group?

  • Yes. I did. The girl (who turned) at the VERY beginning does look like Tiffany (SNSD) if she is looking at the camera from a side profile, someone also almost look like Eunji (APink) and there’s one who looks like Qri (T-ara) and the others I can’t remember but they do look like someone from somewhere (my mind kinds of jumble when it comes to looks. I apologize for that.)

Credits: ktmusicable’s YouTube Channel (


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