OMO: (Where’s the word) “Dolls” (Here?!)- [9Muses’ Dolls Review]

I have to agree with everybody that yes, they do look great but what’s with the title of the song? Are they referring to themselves? If they ARE referring to themselves, they should’ve just changed the title of the song (to something like “What A Doll Feels” or “What A Girl Feels” or something like that). I am just a bit confused with the title. Sorry.



Nine is a dangerous number. I am sure we all know why, don’t mention the obvious. But I guess after almost three years this group has proven who they really are and they are really trying their very best to establish some name of their own. I guess, a little bit more push (add great timing) and they are there (But they should also build their own large-numbered loyal legion too, right?). One thing to point out is, as you have read in my last sentence, TIMING. No, don’t do haphazard things in Kpop it only results to: (1) Low turnout (2) Fan Wars and (3) another round of Fan Wars. You are obviously just putting a lot of fire wood to the flames dear agency. Please stop that, it sucks Entertainment Agency! IT SUCKS!

What I like about this song is that anime-ending theme song feel that I am getting from it. It is soothing, relaxed, jazz-y (*cough* unlike some jumbled ones *cough*) and the rap part was kind of cool but, as I’ve said a lot earlier, where’s the “doll” in this song? I didn’t really get that part (Again, Sorry.). I mean when we are just listening to the song minus the MV, you wouldn’t know why this song is called such because the visuals are not included, right? Then here comes the lyrics: I am sure a lot of girls can relate to it and Thank You to the uploader of  the MV (it is under LOEN Ent.’s channel), they have included subs! Thank You So Much!

They do look like dolls in this (they always do with all of their MVs), that’s not a surprise for me. Some of them did modeling, so no, no one should be surprised that they do all look great. The tuxedo outfits did match the jazz part of the song. There’s this part that looks like a model spread on a magazine that they always do in all of their MVs. Have you noticed that too? Or is it just me? Yes? No? Okay then, like what I’ve pointed out earlier, we all know that they were (or are) models in real life, right? So I guess there’s no need for that. The dance is okay. I did not see a lot of dancing in this one (should they release a dance version then?) but I think I just have to wait for the comeback stage for that.

Overall, the song is good. It is near great. A bit of push (for both 9Muses and Mines) and they will eventually be there. I just hope that they will never give up with their craft. But I think splitting the whole group into two sub-units to promote this single song is a bit unconventional so, yeah, Goodluck about that.

credits: Loen Entertainment’s YouTube Channel (


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