OMO: (WAAAAHHHH!!! I Can’t Even…Oh) I’m Sorry, (They’re so handsome I might never be able to control myself)-[CNBlue’s I’m Sorry Review]

Did anyone miss the teaser? Yes? Yes? Okay then, you should definitely watch them now. Here, here, here and here. It will add  to your excitement before watching the MV, I promise! (Now I definitely sound like a fangirl).

They did release the teaser and (Oh My Gawd!) wasn’t that the most fabulous set of teasers ever? The disappointed face, hot crooked smile, the boastfulness and the tears are just simply moving and you could easily grasp the emotion that each member is portraying. I guess their experience acting on series (Kdramas) helped with these teasers.


The MV’s almost black and white quality did help with the overall theme of the song. It did add a certain aura of anger, grief and loss to the song. The rooftop setting is not new to certain band themes for an MV but it worked and the clouds’ almost-rainy condition add some kind of coldness to the music video. The overall quality of the MV is very good.

At first (when I haven’t watched the teasers yet), I thought that the song is about a guy telling a girl that he is, well, sorry or sort of like that. To my surprise, they managed to have my prediction in reverse which is quite cool. The thing is, at least from where I came from, a girl doing the cheating (or hurting the relationship) is not common. You don’t see or hear that every day. The uniqueness of idea for a song is established by that and it adds a lot of plus points for the song. It wants you to know that not only boys do the bad things, we are all humans, so yah, girls also get boys hurt. Hurt is inflicted to another person by both genders.

Since I ended the last statement with equality of genders, here’s a glitch: There was a scene where Jung Shin actually hit the girl with a bouquet of roses. I do not like that part. I think it suggests violence against women. No, you just can’t hurt anybody. Not a girl, not a guy, NO ONE! No one is permitted to do that to any living human being. Second, the pronunciation of the word “crazy” kind of fades at the end and last, I did not get the scene where Jong Hyun was being drag by two men in suit. That was kind of out the whole story flow, I think.

Overall, the song was great as expected from a CNBlue song and I just wish this track (and Boices) Goodluck (as it battles against Jae Jong’s solo song and the Cassies).

Credits: CNBlue’s YouTube Channel (


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