OMO: Feel Free to Listen to this for 24/7 [2Yoon’s 24/7 Review]

Before we start, (and before you start wondering) they are one of 4minute’s subgroup (the other being just HyunA, err.), 2Yoon which is composed of Ga Yoon (long haired) and Ji Yoon (short haired) and based on my research, they are the two twenty-two year olds of 4Minute. Quick recall, the entire 4Minute is made up of HyunA, Ga Yoon, Ji Yoon, So Hyun and Ji Hyun.

So we are off for the song. The song is country-pop, not Taylor Swift-ish, it is, in fact, a dance track. It should go well for square dances if you may like and this song (specially the chorus part) reminds me of “Hoedown Throwdown”, a Hana Montana OST. The song is catchy and it might linger in your head for quite a while (boom clap bo-boom clap boom boom clap… hehehe!).

The music video is so-so. Yah, I just haven’t seen a subunit video that has spent a lot of money yet. Yes, the BtoB members acted cute in the background and such but I just like to point out that they should’ve not done that. I just want Ji Yoon and Ga Yoon to have their share on the spot light (HyunA is always alone on her MVs, right?!).


To wrap things up: Why is their album called “Harvest Moon”?! That is a title of a computer game; why not think of something else? (I don’t know if it is just me or something) But in their MV, I really think the close-ups of these members are not working on me, it feels like they are not enthusiastic or something, there’s just something wrong with their expressionless faces on close-ups (are they tired?!) yet they look cheerful on non-close up footages. It is just weird. They should be genuinely cheerful next time, I guess. I have to confess that I do not watch a lot of 4Minute but this time, I think Ji Yoon dances really well. 24/7 is an OKAY SONG but I don’t think it will dominate charts or things like that (I mean, let us be realistic guys, this song has to go head on with Jae Jong and CNBlue.) but it does feel good to see that 4Minute is not just about HyunA (or is there something fishy around here Cube Ent.? hmm….Think Thank…).

credits: 4minuteofficial’s YouTube channel (


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