Kpop Releases: She (also) Got a Boy

Youai – does that ring a bell? No. Of course, she (or is it a “they”) is a rookie from an (whoever knows, please don’t hesitate to comment or to message me) unmentioned agency.

This looks like a title rip-off, isn’t it? It does sound like one really. Whether this is deliberately done or not, I think it is not quite ethical to release a song with the same title if another artist has just release (popular or rookie for that reason) his/her song with that title (at least not in the same year, in my opinion) for this might cause a lot of confusion (i.e. while searching in YouTube, a fan clicks the video and was caught off guard because that is not the song he/she intends to listen to) and you will always (and I mean ALWAYS) look like riding with other’s fame. (Note: okay this paragraph is quite harsh but, yah, I am trying very hard explaining my point. sorry.)

Back with this (other) I Got a Boy: It sounds a bit old and a lot like an 80s song and the recording quality is not that good from (my ear’s) point of view. But then, again, she (or, again, “they”) is/are (a) rookie so let’s just make this fault pass for now, I think, and I wish her (or them) the best on reaching her (or their) dream of becoming an artist.

Whoa! That’s a lot of parentheses.     

credits: JCEKPOP’s YouTube channel (


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