Random Thoughts: Block B’s Lawsuit Against Their Company and the latest We Got Married Issue (Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo)

I would like to share that I really do not know what on earth is Stardom and just thought that it is somehow connected with Cho PD, (I decided to Google it) and it is but, no, Cho PD is not the CEO that the lawsuit news if referring to. In case you are not as informed as I was: besides Block B, Stardom is also the agency of the girl group EvoL.

The synopsis of the whole lawsuit is that Block B has this exclusive contract with Stardom and after being unpaid by the agency for more than a year and after the company’s CEO ran away with 66,000 US dollars paid by Block B’s parents they are asking for their contract to be nullified, thus, leaving Block B hanging in the air without any agency to turn to.


Yes, Block B is now up for agency adoption/absorption or (but I hope this will not happen to them) a potential disbandment. I just really wish that some agency will have a heart and very sharp sense of investment for this group. They are talented and they do have a lot of potential.

Yes, (of course you will suggest…) YG might grab them or something but I don’t think that will happen. Why not you ask? (or just in case you are living under a rock) They are the brainchild of Cho PD. Yep! The Cho PD that dissed G-Dragon which resulted in another round of disses about each other. Yes, I know Cho PD (before Block B’s debut) also praised GD after those bashing happened but it is just to deliberate of him to name his boy group with the same initials as Big Bang (BB) and have the same theme (or feel) as Big Bang. So, NO YG will never absorb Block B and personally, I just want Block B to be adopted by another company besides YG just to have that little competition going.

I really believe that Block B has this huge potential to be big. They might be not sensitive at times (yep, that Thailand incident) but they just offer great music and this kind of talent is hard to come by. So PLEASE, SOMEBODY ADOPT THEM! But if ever the worst comes, I think we do not have a say on that and just wish this great talents to have a better life and a better future.


On to the next issue: Lee Jang Woo is dating Oh Yeon Seo. (Here comes the Kpop part) Oh Yeon Seo is currently the virtual (or should I say “make believe”) wife of Lee Joon on We Got Married. Before I spill all my frustrations for the ones who are shipping this “make believe” couple, I just want to clarify a thing: NO SHE IS NOT COMMITTING ADULTERY (or cheating or whatever you might call it). Let’s just all accept the fact that any “forced marriage” (real or not) will never work at all and the people who are playing this on-screen couple thing are real human beings with real hearts (and they are breathing), entitled to their own decisions and they have free will. END OF STORY.


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