TCbS Reaction (The Comeback Stage Reaction): SNSD’s I Got a Boy Comeback Stage

This is not the first time GG performed this on stage (They had a comeback show last January 1) but this is their first time they are performing it on a regular music program therefore, in my opinion, this is their first major comeback stage.

The song will remain disjointed; we cannot do anything about that now (Again, WTH SM!). I have to admit that I was hesitant at first but when the video was playing I was like: Wow! Now, I really think REDEMPTION is their middle name! You can feel the “we-can-skyrocket-this-thing” and “we-own-this-thing” vibe both from the girls and their loyal SOnes. SNSD did an amazing performance with this one that the moment they started to rap on stage, I did not even care that the song is quite unconnected(or tried to recall what the MV was like). The mere presence of the girls on that stage (and I guess their determination to really own this) came across the viewers both in that studio and the ones who are watching this performance on TV and, yes, YouTube.

There was a sudden erase of bad memories from their MV and the song per se. Their charm (or their X-Factor) just transcended whatever negative opinion you might have at that moment and those also made up for the things that might come lacking for this track. I just wish that swag is also included in this performance though (they sometimes come short on that).

I guess a single costume theme and a not-so-jumpy background scene (note: their comeback show also did that insert another and another and another scene thing) can do the trick for a better (non-confusing) perception for this track.

To sum it up, this is a great stage (not their best stage ever, but it is great) and I guess their ship will not come sinking at this moment guys! (Sorry to disappoint the antis).

credits: Gun Jang’s YouTube Channel (


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