OMO: I Got A (Very Random Song), (Oh) Boy! [SNSD’s I Got a Boy Song Review]

The Author/s personal note for everyone that might hate him/her/them:
First of all, before throwing this blog some piece of your anger, I want you to read my opinion first and try to be an open minded person (Not an open minded SOne but a single non-fandom biased person, your own self.). We are all entitled to our own opinions and loyalties. You might be an SOne, and so as one of my closest friend. For those who will think that I am an anti, well, no I am not an anti. In fact, I do love most of their song and own copies of those songs. (But here goes my opinion…)

I waited excitedly for this track. I did saw the concept: The outfit, the pictures, and most of all, Hyoyeon’s hair. They were great. SM even released a medley of the whole album. I’ve waited together with loyal SOnes around the globe and greeted each and every one of my Kpop friends a “Happy SNSD comeback New Year!” today. But oh boy! SM, what did you just do with that song? Like seriously?!

The choreography was seriously cool (daebak!) but it is not the kind of badass I was waiting for. I was preparing for the fiercest of the fiercest but they actually fall short on that. I was expecting The Boys fierceness while doing a hip-hop move, but no, I did not get that. It was cutesy Hip Hop but I waited for the fierce. I have to say that some “umph” is missing. Any street hip hop dances all have an “umph” to it. This lacks on that and some attitude.

Then there goes the song. How should I put this? It was a mash up of three songs? It changes at some odd points. But others on the internet are arguing on how many songs and changes they did on this: Some said seven, and yes, some did say nine (one for each member?). I don’t know about you but the first time I clicked YouTube’s play button I was really confused. Bewildered AND Confused. I did not expect this track to be like that. I expect it to be a SINGLE song that is on the hip hop side. Yes, with rap and the singing but not a mash-uped one. I am a fan of few mash-up songs but I think this track is too much of a mash-up. I think the major problem of the song was its transitions. If SM wanted to surprise the general public with this self-invented “genre”, they got us on that but I think it is just on the passing note.

The MV was as confusing. It changes together with the song. I was dizzy the first time. It begun with Sooyoung rapping, which is very good by the way, I guess no one expected that and it was a great surprise. Then at some few seconds they decided to enter on another scene and another scene and another and another one which adds to the confusion. I was so much disoriented. Then I really do not get why there should be that long-haired guy (Is he “the boy” that the title is referring to?) They should have just stick with the Hip Hop theme.

So over-all, for me, it fell short on things: angst, fierceness, attitude and most of all, wholeness (or should I say togetherness?). It was an all kill. Charts have been overflowing with I Got a Boy on their number 1 spot. SM should thank the loyal SOnes for that.

To wrap up this whole opinion entry on this blog: I have to say that I was not as satisfied as their December 2011 comeback with “The Boys”. That comeback was amazing. Song transition was smooth and wholeness was established. I guess, they should have just stick to the dark fierce concept. They suit it best. Yes, I get that they want to offer a different taste but no, I guess not a Hip Hop theme this time. They should prepare much harder I assume. The song is not that addicting, and I cannot get over the fact that the song is quite disjointed. In a scale of 1 to 10, this is just a 5 or 6 to me (I am sorry). I am not blaming SNSD but (together with my SOne friend) I am blaming SM.

SNSD Girls Generation I Got A Boy Wallpaper 2 (1)


*In case you are wondering if I listened to just the song (without the music video): I did. It was better than listening while watching the MV.

*And if you will ask if I listened to the whole album: Yes. I also did that. I wish they just made Baby Maybe as their title track.

*Finally, if ever I saw that MV reaction promo: I did. Now I am thinking if this song is some sort of experiment or something like that. That is actually a weird promo (Like WTF?!).

credits to: SM Entertainment and SM Entertaiment’s YouTube Channel (



  1. Amerl

    I agree with you 🙂 I actually also made an MV review for this and we kind of have the same sentiment. The MV is dizzying and confusing. Maybe the composer at this the time he/she made this is also confused that’s why he/she made such confusing song 😀
    Some members though suit hip hop like Hyoyeon and a bit of Yoona (I was surprised about this) 😀

    • awayfromaway

      It was really generous of you to read my post. =)
      Indeed, YoonA and Hyoyeon suit this hip hop theme.
      And yah, maybe the composer is a bit confused or maybe someone with a higher rank (from the company) asked the “behind the scenes people” to just fuse some songs but I really think that those songs combined in this track can be better if they have just released them as stand-alone tracks.
      Thank you for your comment!
      Have a good day Amerl!

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